10 Best Things To Do in Madrid Spain

The City of Parties

In order for you to discover Madrid and the Spanish culture, here are my top 10 of things to do in Madrid. You can discover the Spanish history through its museums, its food or architecture.

You can also try their delicious and refreshing drinks on top of rooftops and live the experience at its finest by discovering the capital from the sky!

What Things To Do in Madrid, Spain

1# Palacio de Liria

The Palacio de Liria is a museum located in Princesa Street. Initially built in the 18th century, it was the main residence of the Duke of Alba and that’s why it now welcomes the totality of its art collection.

You will be able to find sculptures, paintings and books. When it comes to literature, this place welcomes many masterpieces with the handwritten letters of Christopher Columbus or the original edition of the book Don Quichotte by Cervantes.

When it comes to paintings, major ones are the portrait of the Duke of Alba made by Titian or the one of the Duchess by the famous Goya.

2# Museo del Traje

The Museo del Traje is called in English “Garment museum”. It is a quite recent building because the museum only opened in 2004 and which aimed to bring together masterpieces of the old fashion industry.

It helps people see how clothes were made and what they looked liked in the past with garments from the 16th century until today. But you won’t only find clothes but jewelry and accessories too!

In 2019, the museum collaborated with the Thyssen one, in order to exhibit Balenciaga masterpieces and help people understand how the brand and its stylist where inspired by former drawings and paintings in order to realise their creations and collections.

3# Visit Onboard of a Helicopter

This activity is perfect if you want to benefit from an exclusive guide while flying over the city. It will allow you to live an original and uncommon experience.

There are numerous company in the city which provide those kinds of services but I will recommend you Heli Flight Spain.

They offer a wide range of tours to help you discover the city with a view over the Plaza Mayor for example and even trips to surrounding cities such as Toledo!

4# Luxury Restaurant

One of the most luxurious food experience you can live is at the La Biblioteca Restaurant located in the 5-star hotel Santo Mauro.

The former library of the Santo Mauro Palace used to be here but it is now a luxury restaurant. The decoration reminds us of the 19th century with its wood furniture, old mirrors, mouldings and a fireplace!

The food is based on Spanish authentic dishes and they do have a wide collection of wines with over 200 bottles in the cellar.

5# Vinoteca La Cristaleria

Vinoteca La Cristaleria is a place which offers various types of wines, vermouth or beers. Their wine collection is huge and the reason why I absolutely love it, is that they do wine tasting sessions and even blind testing! It is the perfect place to discover typical drinks, which are delicious, trust me!

6# Corte ingles Restaurant

The Corte ingles restaurant is called Gourmet Experience and is located on top of the building. This place offers a wide range of food choice from all over the world with Japanese, Italian or typical Spanish one.

Here I like to eat outside on the terrace or to simply order a great cocktail at the bar. Feel free to seat outside and benefit from the sun with a panoramic view of the city.

Once finish, I like to go downstairs, and spend the whole afternoon shopping in the mall.

7 #Markets

Other places where I love to eat, are the markets of the city. The two major ones are called San Miguel and San Anton.

Both allow to buy fresh and quality products but the San Anton one provides on the second floor international take away food and has got a rooftop bar and restaurant.

The San Miguel market provides traditional tapas or even ice cream all made by renowned chefs from the Michelin Guide.

8# Platea

The Platea of Madrid is one of the biggest gastronomic leisure centres in Europe. This place is composed of 5 different floors, one is dedicated to a bar, 3 of them to a restaurant and the final one is a very private and intimate location for VIP and private parties.

The bar helps you enjoy fresh and original cocktails while trying the tapas. The restaurant offers food from all around the globe and in the middle of the space, you will find a huge stage where every night you can attend a new show. It can be a flamenco one, a one with acrobats or even concerts with jazz, soul or classic music!

9# Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is a place you can’t miss if you are a big fan of Real Madrid. This place welcomes a museum dedicated to the club which will enable you to discover the changing rooms, the trophy room and even the press room where the coach and the players are interviewed.

You can also visit the bleachers in order for you to have a breathtaking view over the stadium but if you are in the city on a match day, just get some tickets and enjoy its crazy atmosphere!

10# Flamenco Show

Flamenco is a Spanish traditional dance which comes from the south of the country, from Andalusia. In Madrid, you will find many tablaos which are places dedicated to this kind of art.

One of the most famous ones is called Tablao Cardamomo and there are shows every night from 6 pm which approximately last 2 hours.

This place allows you to eat at the same time and attend a magnificent show full of emotions where singers, musicians and dancers come together and improvise a new dance every time.

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Author Bio: Juliette Smith is passionate about travelling. I’ve already been pretty everywhere in Europe and experienced different travelling types from backpacks to luxury ones, from leisure and relaxing trip to more adventurous ones. But Spain is where my heart is! Visit her website Madrid Discovery 🙂

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