Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Norway 2023

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best places to visit in Norway

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries of the world because of its majestic mountains and astounding islands. Norway can be enjoyed in any season. Here are best places to visit in Norway in 2023.

Best Places to Visit in Norway

1# Alesund

Alesund rules the iconic fjords and alpine mountains. The city was destroyed by fire year ago and was rebuilt with stone and brick as a miracle of fascinating architecture. The peak of the mountains gives an astounding view of the city and its surrounding islands.

2# Tromso

Tromso is filled with warmth and beauty of natural things. It consists of the wooden houses and visitors get a chance to explore a number of fine museums and can enjoy the lush green forests.

The two main specifications of this area are the aquarium Polaria and the polar museum. Northern lights can be best viewed through this place.

3# Trondheim

Trondheim is best for those people who are interested to discover the history of Norway. The city has preserved many of the historical remains be it the castle from 12the century or the Medieval Cathedral.

It is the third largest city of Norway and had once remained the capital of Norway during the middle ages.

4# Jotunheimen National park

This park is the kind of mountains and contains 29 highest peaks of Norway. Vettisfossen is found in this place which is the highest waterfall of Norway.

The adventurous people may easily get access to hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, summer tours etc. This place has another name and that is the “ Home Of Giants ”.

5# Svalbard

This is a blend of islands which are under the Norwegian rule. Amazing wildlife is featured in this island like polar bears, whales, seals, reindeers etc.

Craggy mountains and untouched glaciers are a part of this island as well. This place is located near to Arctic Ocean which makes it quite freeing. People come and enjoy the chilly atmosphere and take a feel of the freezing Arctic Ocean at this place.

6# Oslo

It is one third city and two third forests. A modern place that hugs the horseshoe shaped shores of Oslofjord.

Oslo is the richest place in culture as it consists of museums, bars and restaurants alongside the Nobel Peace centre. The outdoor museum of this place contains almost 150 historic buildings.

7# Stavanger

The people who take summer as their favourite season must come to Norway and explore this place with long sandy beaches.

Many cruise ships take it as their break spot and the attractive Scandinavian attractions are worth a view to enjoy from the shore. Norwegian art is also well known at this place and can be a piec of interest for art lovers.

8# Lofoten islands

This place is a cluster of islands. It is present in the northern part of the country. There are beautiful fishing spots in villages and oceans give rise to the long peaks enhancing the beauty of the peaks. The weather changes fast at this place. This is also known as the most scenic part of Norway.

A very mild and warm climate is enjoyed at this place which makes it very easy for people to stay a part of this place for a long time to have a smooth break from hectic routine and feel the warmth enlightening their body.

9# Bergen

This is the second largest city of Norway and the top most leading port of the nation. This place although is working port but it is a tourists spot as well.

The scenic fjords around the city can be easily explored at this place. The neighboring islands are at ease to get caught and enjoyed.

10# Western fjords

The most famous fjords of Norway are found at this place. The most well known and most visited ones are on the west part of the country. These fjords are narrow in appearance and are surrounded by tall and deep mountains.

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