10 Awesome Places to Visit in Montenegro in 2023

Country in Balkans Region

People see travelling as a very interesting activity as it gives the opportunity to explore various cultures and their traditions. One such place is Montenegro.

Being a country with rugged mountains, limestone peak andglacial lakes, Montenegro holds great importance a tourist site which thousands of people visit every year.

Also marked by its coastal churches and fortified towns and national parks home to many bear and wolves, Montenegro comes forth as an appealing country.

Best Places to Visit in Montenegro

1. OstrogMonastery

A beautiful sight being set into a sheer cliff, Ostrog monastery serves as one of the major religious sites of the area of Balkans. The 17thcentury monastery is visited by around 100,000 visitors each year and pilgrims usually are seen climbing to the upper monastery. People would usually like to visit this place for religious purpose, but it also serves a beautiful and eye-catching sight. The vertical backdrop is also a major attraction for the tourists.

2. Lake SkadaR

Being the largest lake of the region, located on the border with Albania, it provides comfort with its tranquil and mesmerizing beauty attracting thousands of tourists each year.The story of the lake being created by tears of pixie serves as an interesting tale that catches the attention of many tourists. The wildlife, sight seeing board trip and traditional food and wine trip are main reasons why people love visiting the area.

3. Black Lake

Present in the Durmitor National Parkit is one of the 18 glacial bodies in the park. People love to visit the lake because of the rising mountains in the distance.There is a 4 km track around the lake that moves through historic caves and grazing cattle providing a beautiful sight for tourists. People enjoy their trip by hiring boats and enjoying a picnic in the beautiful scenery.

4. Ulcinj

Ulcinj offers a sight of the Ottoman culture in Montenegro. People tend to visit the place because it has something different to offer: a sight into culture of the history of the area. Its Plaza is also a tourist sight which is a 12km stretch of sandy beach popular with travelers. The tourists here enjoy activities like surfing, beach parties, and music festivals so its one of the trendiest spots in summers.

5. Our Lady of the Rocks

It is a 15th century Island church and famous for its boat rides. Tourists usually love to take the short boat ride from PerastorKotor to the island where there is a guided tour of the church and attached museum in a rather reasonable cost. People also enjoy the beautiful and mesmerizing views of Perast.

6. Lipa cave

The cave is an attraction for families. Families love to visit the place as a miniature train takes people from countryside to the cave entrance where a hired tour guide takes people through the caves enormous caverns.

7. Sveti Stefan

Pictures are not enough to describe the beauty of the place. It is a tiny Island village connected to the mainland. People come to enjoy the beautiful sights of the areaas it provides them with the most inspiring view of the entire country. This collection of villas is a beautiful area of Balkans hence attracts tourists.

8. Tara River Canyon

The canyon provides mesmerizing views and does not disappoint. It is an exciting and astonishing piece of nature with its 1300-meter nosedives down the river. The blue river accompanied by dense forests attracts tourists to the place.

9. Roman Mosaics

Risan has the oldest discovered Roman mosaics as old as 2nd century depicting pictures of Roman life like food, wine, weapons etc. People from all around the globe come to visit and explore this culture.

10. Kotor Old Town

Present on the shore of the Bay of Kotor it is backed by sheer mountains providing a lovely sight. People come to visit the museum, old barracks, restaurants and churches while enjoying local food e.g. ice cream.

Montenegro is a beautiful country to visit when planning a trip, enriched with beauty, glamour and traditions of history. The place provides a complete source of comfort making it a must visit.

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