Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Greece 2024

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Greece is a place known for it’s natural beauty and ancient culture. It is a place with different areas to visit for it’s tourist and is a source of knowledge for them too. Many old things and cultures have risen within the Greece Culture. The democracy, philosophy, sciences and many others. The climate and beauty of  the place makes it a prime destination for tourists in Europe.

According to many researches, there is a list of places that are ‘must visit’, ones for people visiting Greece. Some of them are mentioned below.

Best Places To Visit in Greece


1# Athens

Greece being a place famous for it’s history, Athens is a great place for you to roam around. It tells about the ancient ways and culture that has been followed. It states about how things came into being.

You can easily spend your time there, but might miss on the other beautiful places in Greece. Acropolis, ancient agora and archaeological museum will leave in an awe.

Other colourful streets and hilly districts are what fascinates and you live in those moments. You must visit Athens and it might be the first stop you have in Greece.

2# Milos island

Apart from the ancient museums and grounds, Milos Island is a different place. It is an island with beaches and is a great place to go for honeymoon trips.

The island is unique and has a different geographical location. It has  surreal white landscapes that are eye catching and are a relief to one’s eyes. You can spend the best of your time their with your partner, or even alone to have peace and relaxation.

3# Crete

Crete is an island that is divided into two parts; South and North. It is a large area that is not easy to access within a short period of time; however, breaking into parts makes it easier.

This is an island which is absolutely famous for the beach weather it has, mostly for six months of the year, whereas the topography is a bit terrain and makes it difficult to walk through.

Heraklion is the famous place to be visited in Crete. If you willing to see the dramatic topography of Greece, Crete is the place you should visit.

4# Paros

Looking for great food and a holiday point in Greece? Paros is the right place. It is a place with dreamy islands which serves the best food, especially sea food. Not only for tourists, but Paros is a great point to visit for the Greeks themselves.

5# Thessaloniki

It is one of the oldest city of Greece, established in 316 BCE. It only takes an hour from Athens to Thessaloniki via plane. Many flights are available every now and then.

It has streets with vibrant colours that makes you walk through them. History and ancient things lies here. It is more likely a place like Athens is. There is a mountain of metropolis which is quite famous. Apart from this, you can visit some amazing restaurants and cafes in the town.

6# Santorini

Greece is being a place full of islands, Santorini is another great stop. It is a tourist place that provides one to have sightseeing and the tourists activities.

Cruising and looking at the beautiful place throughout is one of the fun activity there. Oia and Imerovigli are the most romantic places to visit in Santorini. If you want to enjoy a full pack of fun, Santorini is a great option.

7# Zagori

It is a place of natural beauty and topography. The place has beautiful sights that are eye catching and fascinates one’s attention. It has two famous national parks of Greece. Rivers, villages, greenery, mountains and all natural environment is there for one to feel the nature.

8# Delphi

If you are interested in the history, Delphi is another great place to look for. It is considered as the archaeological state of Greece. In earlier times, people have been visiting it as a sacred place as it was considered to be located in the centre of the earth.

9# Greek islands

How  an one travel to Greece and miss out the Greek islands? This is the top most visited place in the world and is a great of tourist attraction place. Colours, volcanoes, mountains, beaches and all what is fascinating to an eye is present in the Greek islands.

10# Meteora

It is located in the air, above the ground on the cliffs which are more than 1200 feet above the ground. This place would make you feel like a dream come true.

PS: We will keep adding more “best places to visit in Greece”. Stay Tuned!

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