10 Top Place to Visit in Germany 2024

There are so many beautiful and attractive places to visit in Germany. Below, you’ll find ten best places to visit in Germany.

Germany is the heart of Western Europe. Its official name is “Federal Republic of Germany”, whose government system is Federal Republic as shown by the name. The modern Germany was called Germania when it was a part of Roman Empire till 1990. The independent cities were joined together in the region to form a country which is now Germany.

If you’ve planned a trip to Germany then top 10 best places to visit in Germany are given below but be prepared before going there because the German love their rules to follow and to be followed. A person walking on a grassy land will be frowned upon so prefer to stay on walking tracks. Finish all up in your plate while eating because leaving food is found unethical here. However the Germans are friendly hosts and good guests. The country is full of beautiful cities, hotels, parks, hill stations and what not is found in here but best 10 places to visit in Germany are given below.

Best Places to Visit in Germany

#1. Brand burg Gate

Brand Burg gate is neoclassical monument belongs to 18th century. It is most famous memorial of Berlin, which was built by Prussian King Frederick William 2. This gate is main entrance point. “Quadriga” the statue of goddess of victory is worth seeing.  At every New Year night more than one million people come to gate to enjoy the celebrations of New Year.

#2. Cologne Cathedral

The catholic cathedral is one of the main attractions for visitors that it draws around 20,000 visitors each day. This is the most beautiful example of Gothic and neo-Gothic architecture in the world. It has been become the UNESCO’s heritage site since 1996 and till 1884 it was the world’s tallest building. Its twin towers can be seen from anywhere in the city, which possess a height of 157.22 meters. More than 6 million people visit the gigantic building every year.

#3. The Black Forest

The forest is named so because of its dark coloured pine trees. It is mountainous forest range along with border of France, at a height of 650-4900 feet above the sea level. It is circumscribed by the Rhine valley from south and west. Feldberg is the highest peak of the range whose altitude is 1493 meters. Deer, foxes, rabbits, badgers, squirrels, owls, elk are some of the animals found in forest. It is known as the biggest nature park of Germany. Black forest is origin of cuckoo clock and one of them is 15 meter high with a 15 kilograms cuckoo. This cuckoo clock is a great attraction for tourists.

#4: Neuschwanstein Castle

The castle was the residence of the king until his death (1886). Since that time the castle is opened for public and more than 61 million people have visited the castle. The castle draws about 1.3 million visitors each year. The king took personal interest in the architecture and decoration of the castle. This castle is a global example of the Romanticism era. One more interesting thing about castle is that the Disney Castle and The Sleeping Beauty’s castle are modeled after Neuschwanstein Castle.

#5: Miniature Wonderland

It is the world’s largest railway model and airport and it is the top attraction not only for olds but also for young and children. The model has about 1000 trains, 10,000 wagons, 30,000 lights, more than 25000 human figures, 250 moving cars and 30,000 real water. More than 40 aircrafts land and take off at every time. It is the most detailed miniature model you have ever seen in your life. This mini world is one of the best Attraction of Germany for all ages.

#6: The Rhine Valley

The most important waterway of Europe is The Rhine. 1320km long river is stretched from Switzerland through Germany to the Netherlands. The Rhine valley is consist on several ancient castles and towns. Museum of Mainz, Mannheim, worms cathedral, Wiesbaden, Braubach and Markburgz castle are main places to have a visit through. In total there are 40 castles and fortress. The valley is a perfect destination for history lovers.

#7. Museum /Island in Berlin

The museum lies between the river Spree and the Kupfergraben. It is one of the oldest and most important museum, constructed in 1830. Now the national gallery and Bode museum are added and in total there are five museums. The royal museum is the oldest one.

#8. Bamberg and the Burgerstadt

Three historical districts, the episcopal town, the island town and the marked gardener’s town makeup the amazing Bamberg old town. It is also a UNESCO’s heritage site since 1993. It is like Rome having the Episcopalian power and Imperial power and it is standing on seven hills and on each hill there is a cathedral. Some of main places to visit are Bamberg’s state library, the old town hall, Altenburg castle and New Residenz.

#9. Zugspitze Massif

The highest peak of Germany is standing at a height of 2962 meters above sea level, known as Zugspitze. A person who is standing on this peak can see the peaks of Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. The winter stays for 9 months and for 6 months the skiers can enjoy skiing here. The highest cathedral is located here and an igloo village fascinates it tourists.

#10. The Island of Rugen

It is the largest island of Germany by area. The main body of island is known as Multland. It is one of the most famous vacation destination. Ideal time to visit the island is between April and October. Resorts remains fully busy from June to August as it is peak season of visit in island.

About 75.5 million foreign tourists had their tour of Germany in 2018. Both foreign and Germans tourists reached up to 424 million overnight stays. And Bavaria is top ranked at top position in the most popular holiday destination in Germany which draws 8.5 million visitors yearly.

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