5 Must Visiting World Food Festivals in 2020

Popular Food Festivals Around the World

Looking for international world food festivals to attend in 2020?

Look no more.

We’ve short listed five best food festivals which are going to be held in 2020. So, lets explore one by one.

Popular World Food Festivals 2020

1. Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is the world’s greatest beer celebration held in Germany every year. It is held from 19th September to the 4th of October, where millions of beer lovers group together to celebrate this wonderful festival where they spill and bathe in the top-notch beers. Not only this, people enjoy the other food delights that include a lot of traditional German dishes.

2. Maslenitsa Pancake Festival

Credit: World Festival Directory

This Pancakes Festival is celebrated in St. Petersburg and Moscow. This Pancake Week is often said as the most famous food festival around the world and most likely to be holiday in Russia. It occurs during the last week of February.

This festival was previously used to be remembered as a sorrowful memory when the famous Maslenitsa was burned to ashes. However, with the passage of time, it turned out to be something fun.

There are a number of different activities that people enjoy like, horse sledge riding, folk dance, and puppet On Wednesday, feasts are prepared and enjoyed amongst the tourists as well as locals.

3. New Orleans Wine and Food Experience

Credit: New Orleans Wine & Food Experience via Facebook

This amazing food festival is known for gathering around 7000 locals and tourists from around the world, who lit up the event and inspire foodies with their talents.

This festival takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA from 18th till 22nd March, where you can enjoy everything, including the local flavors to all the blends of foods prepared by the top chefs of USA.

Apart from this, you can also enjoy some astonishing art and music lovers, that are the best at their jobs. These music events are organized during the time people fill on the delicious food and some wine.

4. National Cherry Festival

The National Cherry Festival is held in the early summer months from the 4th of July to the 11th. This International festival is a treat for everyone.

With a Cherry Lacrosse Tournament, and watching the Cherry Parade, following a crowning a Cherry Queen; no doubt one would love to enjoy the Cherry of the early summers. It takes place in Traverse City in Michigan.

5. Vegetarian Festival

Credit: Expique

For all those people who keep pointing out that Food Festivals entertain the meat lovers, here’s the answer. Taking place in Phuket, Thailand, this nine day long festival is specially designed for all the veggie lovers.

The entire town is lit up with wonderful parades running around each day. It is named as one of the best fruit festivals in the world. You’d be surprised but even the non-vegetarians turn out in numbers to enjoy.

PS: We will keep adding more popular and worth visiting food festivals around the world. Keep visiting 🙂

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