10 Perfect Places To Live in the World in 2021

When do you talk about living in the World? These 10 perfect places to live in the World emerge with their tranquility and simplicity. Nothing is permanent in this World. Neither peace nor hum.

So, if you are looking for these, you must be sure that these cities will be perfect for you. Wasting no time, we simply plunged into the bowl full of different cereals.

10 Best Places To Live in the World

Mahé, Seychelles
– Part of Le Meridien Hotel “Fisherman’s Cove” on Mahe island

1. Rajasthan, India

Let’s start from the beginning. Rajasthan which is full of a different kind of spices like amazing food, folk dance, monuments, lakes, Hill Station and much more. When you talk about living, this place should be on your rental journal. This must be your first trip to India or even the third, but also this place always looks different with every visit.

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2. Paris, France

One of my favorite destinations! A city that has a romantic air in the climate. But when it comes to beauty, this place is a perfect combination of Bustling Road, Marvelous Museum, Delicious Food, and Happy Peoples.

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3. Florence, Italy

You don’t need an introduction. Let’s take a flight and get to Florence. The perfect combination of wine, great weather, resplendent culture, colorful citadels, and history. Live in the city of wine

drink, walk and laugh.

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4. Napa, California

Welcome to the land where wine has been produced for so many years. The perfect place to live around the vineyard. Summer is the best month to visit. Perfect place to live between you and wineries.

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5. Quebec, Canada

With its vibrant building, pristine water, avid climate, and amazing locals, this is the best place for living in the world. Despite the beauty, they are also the few ancient ruins in North America that have been fully occupied by Francophone culture. This makes this city popular with both locals and internationals.

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6. Bali, Indonesia

Are you a beach bum? If so, this place is perfect a la carte for you. From beaches to waterfalls, temples and Indonesian food, everything awaits you. The life of the locals is very easy and relaxed. So you will love being among them.

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7. Sydney, Australia

One of the safest cities in the world you have ever visited. Overflowing with culture, art, fashion, technology. There is a high-quality education system, medical care, fascinating beaches, and a low cost of living. The city is caught between nature and national parks.

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8. Seychelles, Africa

Seychelles is the rising star and the most visited place in Africa. It is a perfect place to relax, enjoy and eat. We are confident that the city’s unspoiled beach, sparkling water certainly adds to the livability factor. Therefore, you will love this place if you are with your loved one.

9. Munich, Germany

The third most popular city in Germany. Munich is located on the Isar River in southern Bavaria. Learn about its amazing artifact, vibrant culture, colorful monuments, and Oktoberfest beer celebration. Here the cost of living is expensive, but the education and health system is impressive.

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10. Zurich, Switzerland

Time to move to Zurich. People ask why this place is so popular with tourists? First of all, it is home to Switzerland’s financial center and the stock exchange. Also the headquarters of many national and international brands. But when it comes to living it is expensive. If your budget is not high, you can stay in the city.

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Author: Paul Walker

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