Top 10 Best Places to Visit in UK 2020

The world created by lord is filled with beauty all around and UK the United Kingdom is a kingdom of 4 countries having 5th largest national economy. These countries are England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales all rich in culture, traditions and their heritage.

UK itself is a charm, natural sceneries, greenery of forests, mind blowing and mountain ranges enhance its beauty. It is approximately 22nd in population and tyranny at 78th rank.

It is the birth place of very famous personalities such as William Shakespeare, Elizabeth 1 and Sir Isaac Newton. Further, it is hard to shorten the list of top attractions up to the best 10 places to visit in UK but some prominent places are mentioned below:

Best Places to Visit in UK

1# Royal Museums Greenwich (England)

Vacationing is most popular activity of leisure for everyone every time. An Iconic historic sailing ship, consisting of castle of Queen, cultural and Art museums and royal observatory all in a ship within UNESCO World Heritage Site must be visited to get astonished and how amazing is to stand on prime Meridian line.

It is indicated by a steel rod on the floor of meridian building dividing the world into hemispheres (eastern and western). Awe inspiring to stand on both hemi spheres at a time with one’s each foot in each half of world. All these popular attraction make it the top ranked in Best 10 places to visit in UK.

2# Stonehenge

Stonehenge is approx. 10 miles away in the north from Salisbury. It is a ring of enormous stones standing 4 meter high and having a weight of 25 tons each.

Visualize these ancient objects of Stonehenge old about 4500 years is of immense amazement.

It is also considered as an Icon of the culture of Great Britain which is also in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stonehenge is an amazing attraction of UK.

3# Tower of London

Wisely saying it is the most important building of UK which is situated in London. This white tower can be said as being the oldest attraction for the visitors in the world which covers an area about 18 acres.

This fortress and castle is commonly known as Tower of London which is 900 years old. It has been serving for various purposes just like for royal residence, prison for many famous and infamous personalities, museum, and arsenal and also as a record office for public.

4# Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile (Scotland)

One more attraction of UK is this Castle. On entrance it seems like two celebrities William Wallace and Robert Bruce are welcoming and giving a warm reception to its visitors. These heroes are in fact, bronze statues, meet these legends there.

5# Lake Loch Lomond

Idyllic Loch Lomond is just little far towards northwest of Glasgow. This lake being largest has fame for being “The Queen of the Lakes of Scotland”. This lake is surrounded by a plenty of tourist is ideal location for the anglers to get treat at this corner.

6# Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle is heaven for history lovers. This Castle is early home of Scottish Queen and still reflects the living past as the costumes interpret by scrupulous preservation and give history of castle life. It is also attractive for the visitors because at this point Robert Bruce succeeded.

7:  The Cliffs of Moher

Ireland (UK) is really astonishing and mystery for tourism. As far as Cliffs of Moher are concerned, not any Superlative degree would work right.

A spread along Atlantic at a height of 214 meters, close to raw nature is a perfect place for relaxation and celebrations. Round about a million people visit this spot in a calendar year.

8# Grafton street ,Dublin (UK)

Another attraction of UK is a café heritage more than just a shopping  street but also famous for visitors attraction of buskers, inspiring meander along with the company of flower sellers, numerous spots waiting for a glance and to forget the world for a while and to enjoy the sunny days. Heart of shopping is Dublin.

9# Cardiff Castles Wales (UK)

Cardiff is capital of Wales. And how is it possible to complete the journey of tourism and list of Best 10 places to visit in UK without visiting this breath-taking Cardiff Castle? No definitely not. Wales on the whole is a lavish .Cardiff Castles magically push you back to history.

10# Bodnant Garden Wales (UK)

If you are thinking for a trip to explore the world and to observe nature closely, go visit and spend time in Bodnant Garden which is getting great attention by its visitors. Nature lovers would not like to get back from this awe inspiring and beautiful scene. The impact of lawns of garden, natural and artificial ponds, eye catching view of fountains by the path compel you to give attention by your heart.

United Kingdom is all time famous picnic spot for everyone in the world and 6th biggest destination of the tourists. By estimation 25 billion is spent on tourism every year.

Great Britain is all time famous for its cultural and traditional history. UK is as easy to get around is as to walk along a park because easy access of train stretched along UK completely with minute charges is just made it possible for locals as well as for the foreigners.

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