Top 10 Awesome Places to Visit in Slovenia 2023

Things To Do, Attractions & Top Destinations in Slovenia

Slovenia, situated right in the center of Europe, is a beautiful nation. Gifted all along with beautiful mountains, astonishing scenery views and amazing people, it is a place worth traveling to. The country is close to a number of European nations including Croatia and Hungary, making it a worthwhile trip for you. The popular areas in Slovenia include;

Best Places to Visit in Slovenia

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1# Maribor

Maribor is the 2nd biggest city in Slovenia. It is developed along the banks of the Drava River. Maribor is known for its wine developing industry that surrounds the city alongside its amazing amusement parks.

Found near the Austrian fringe, it is a place where you can see the Stara trta, or the most amazing vine on the planet, which goes back to the ancient times.

2# Koper

As one of the most seasoned beach front towns in Slovenia, and a noteworthy port, Koper is considered to be a very significant asset of the nation’s foundation.

Home to one of the most amazing coasts and water ports, this is amongst those area that was once part of the Venetian Empire, and it officially passed by the name Caprea.

However, soon it became known to be a part of Yugoslavia. Today, Koper is a comparatively infamous place that has considerably less places to offer.

3# Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is located in the northern areas of Slovenia. Throughout the winters, Kranjska Gora is filled with tourists who love to ski and snowboard.

All those people who enjoy the winters sports, must visit this place once. In contrast, summer is similarly as engaging, as people can rent their bikes and involve in interesting hiking competitions.

4# Celje

Celje is a little city roosted on the banks of the Savinja River. The greatest fascination in the city is the palace, which was raised in the fourteenth century and is beautiful as ever before.

It is one of the most established urban areas in all of Slovenia. People prefer roaming around the city while walking since the places are close by.

5# Ptuj

The city of Ptuj is an idea place in Eastern Slovenia with a great display of some of the amazing architectural places. Ptuj is broadly viewed as one of the most established urban areas in the country.

It is located along the banks of the Drava River. Orpheus Monument that goes way back to ancient times is seen as the most amazing monument in the region.

6# Piran

Piran is the place that is located on the suburbs of the Adriatic Sea. Piran is very small in size, however it is very interesting and scenic with all the diverse cultures and astonishing sea views.

All those people who love to explore ancient times need to look for tourist spots like the Tartinijev trg which is arguably the oldest art piece in the area.

7# Postojna

Postojna is known for its broad cavern framework, which flaunts an amazing 20 km of lobbies and displays, some of which have roofs almost 50 meters high.

It is very small community in Slovenia, but it is extremely beautiful and attractive with all the amazing views it offers.

8# Triglav National Park

All those people who wish to explore the stunning common landscape in Slovenia, Triglav National Park is the perfect spot to visit.

The majority of this beautiful area is blessed with the Julian Alps, and highlights in the district including the pinnacle of Mount Triglav.

9# Lake Bled

What better way you have to enter the elegant Lake Bled, then through the Triglav National Park. Just like Triglav National Park, it is a grand waterway covered entirely by the Julian Alps.

The green lake isn’t that massive though, and it is pretty easy to walk your way through the edge in a solitary evening. What makes the place so engaging is the little island amidst the lake.

10# Ljubljana

Ljubljana is one of the best places to visit in Slovenia Despite the fact that Ljubljana is a lot smaller than most European capitals, it has a one of a kind appeal that makes it worth a visit.

Tromostovje is an incredible place in the city. Also known as the Triple Bridge, it is the place where three beautiful scaffolds range the waterway directly beside each other.

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