10 Best Places To Visit in Seychelles

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Seychelles, without doubt the best destination on earth is a piece of heaven on earth. It is a favorite destination for honeymooners and romantic trips as you can get lost in nature while lodging at luxurious hotels and enjoy life without any disturbance.

Seychelles is basically an archipelago of 115 islands, islets, and corals; each being more beautiful and mesmerizing than the other.

The main tour attraction here are the gorgeous, shining, white sandy beaches, deep blue azure waters, granite boulders, verdant peaks, montane jungles, and exotic wildlife. You can also enjoy amazing Creole and French cuisine here at the restaurants.

There many things to do here and each and every moment of your trip will be a memorable one. Here are the best places to visit in Seychelles:

10 Best Places To Visit in Seychelles

1. Silhouette Island

This island is a sight to behold if its silhouette is looked from Mahe Island or the gorgeous coast of Beau Vallon. The main tour attraction here are the stunning beaches with luxurious hotels just a stone’s throw away, making your stay even more memorable and relaxing. It is great for exploring where you can find groves of palm trees and secret black sand coves.

2. Vallee de Mai National Park

This is one of the most stunning UNESCO reserve in the Seychelles which is like a dream place for nature enthusiasts.

The many things to do here include trekking and hiking along the winding paths to get amazed by the spell binding beauty and enjoy seeing some of the most rare and exotic birds and wildlife here.

3. Aldabra

This is the second largest coral on earth with stunning cays and islets that will mesmerize the visitor at first sight. This place has been declared as UNESCO site because of the amazing biodiversity it holds.

You can find numerous species of wildlife moving on powdery white sand beaches peppered with unique rocks and corals and sparkling blue water.

4. Cousin Island

This was initially the island for production of coconut palms but gradually was transformed into a reserve and you can find many international organizations working to preserve nature and wildlife here. Birdwatching is a great fun activity to do here amongst the many things to do here.

5. Baie Lazare

This is a tiny salt washed village which has a rich history as it was the place where the French first declared this region to be a part of France.

You can find many Gothic carvings and a beautiful European architecture church which are a great tour attraction but the main catch again are the stunning, pristine, cam, and isolated beaches with beautiful palm groves.

6. Beau Vallon

The Seychelles that is seen on a travel agency website or brochures or on postcards is this stunning piece of land and water. This is a quintessential getaway for a romantic couple or honeymooners.

The white washed sand beaches in between deep blue water and verdant green land is a sight to behold and will leave you mesmerized and lost in the beauty for several days.

7. Victoria

This is the capital of Seychelles and has a very laid-back and calming vibe. The city is lined with European façade buildings and colorful bustling markets where you can find some amazing local produce and goods. The National Museum is also a great tour attraction.

8. La Digue

This picture perfect island is one of the best destination to go to. The site of swaying palm trees with deep blue waves crashing into the granite rocks is like from a movie. This place is amongst the favorite spots for tourists.

9. Curieuse Island

This touristy hotspot was once a forbidden land, but it has regained its fame. You can get mesmerized by the red soil here topped with coco de mer plants and verdant mangroves. The biodiversity of this place is also unique and amazing.

10. Grand Anse

This glimmering yellowish white sand beach is one of the longest beach you can walk on and soak in the stunning views. You can enjoy a stay in a number of luxurious hotels and resorts and also enjoy different water sports.


It would be an understatement to say that Seychelles is a wonderful place to be. This best destination is worth every penny spent; in fact the beauty that this archipelago holds is priceless.

Jaw dropping verdant peaks with lush green jungles, white glimmering sandy beaches with granite boulders coves and lagoons are a sight that will mesmerize you instantly.

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