10 Best Places To Visit in Egypt in 2021

Famous For Ancient Civilization & Famous Monuments like Giza pyramids, the Great Sphinx and the ancient temples of Luxor dating back thousands of years.

Egypt, the country of ancient civilizations is a country famous amongst travelers and tourists for thousands of years. It is the country with most historic, archeological and cultural sites to fascinate the tourists. But hold on! Egypt is not just history class visit, you can enjoy all possible adventurous and relaxing activities here.

Egypt has something for everyone; gorgeous beaches, exceptional underwater world exploration through scuba diving, amazing natural landscapes, river, deserts, beautiful fresh water oasis, laid-back country side and busy and fun-filled city life.

Egypt is a country full of wonders and will keep your mind enthralled and captivated at all times. It is an absolutely safe country and all facilities and necessities of life are easily available here. Here are some of the best places to visit in Egypt:

10 Best Places To Visit in Egypt

1. Luxor’s Karnak Temple/ the Valley of the Kings

Luxor is a tourist hotspot among all the cities. Luxor lies across the Nile and has been an important history throughout history which is still evident.

Luxor’s West Bank is more popularly known as an open air museum; you can find so many tombs and temples that one can simply not visit every place in a short visit. The East Bank is a busy market where travelers love shopping.

2. Hurghada

A resort town on the coast of Red Sea is a very popular tourist destination with many things to do and numerous tour attractions.

You can enjoy some of the most gorgeous and relaxing beaches along with many water sports. You can find many hotels facing the vast sea to relax at affordable rates.

3. Pyramids of Giza

A trip to Egypt cannot be complete without visiting the famous pyramids. They are one of the seven wonders of world and are still a mystery as to how they were built when there was no technological development. These mighty pyramids are the home of the dead Pharaohs and are guarded by perplexing Sphinx.

4. Alexandria

This is again a historically important city and has many ancient and historic sites to visit. It is now a very busy city and although not so glorious as its past, it is still a great tour attraction.

The museum is a great place to visit to know about the city’s history. Much of the ancient city was destroyed in a disastrous earthquake.

5. Islamic Cairo

The Islamic Cairo district is filled with beautiful mosques and madrassas. You can also visit several Islamic historic sites and explore them.

The famous Khan el-Khalili souk is also a main tour attraction here. You can get some amazing locally produced products and spices here.

6. Saqqara

It is a small village but in actual is famous for the amazing necropolis of small and large tombs and pyramids.

The area is spread over a desert plateau and is a beautiful landscape to view. The tombs and pyramids are under restoration so that they can survive for many more years to go.

7. Aswan

It is one the most relaxing and peaceful town you could ever visit. The city lies across the bank of the River Nile and the surrounding terrain are beautiful dunes making he views utterly relaxing.

Amongst the many things to do here riding camel, ferry riding, visiting historic sites, or just enjoying tea on some river restaurants.

8. Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis, Siwa, Egypt

This place remained in isolation for several thousands of years and had its own culture and tradition. It is a famous tourist destination. The main tour attractions here are several freshwater springs, ancient mud fortresses, huge areas filled with palm trees, lakes and a stone pool.

9. Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel Egypt

The temple of Ramses II’s lies here and is a great site to look at. The huge temple is guarded by colossal statues. The inside of the temple is also an awe0inspiring site with numerous wall paintings.

10. Sharm el Shaikh

More popularly known as the City of Peace is a great relaxing and enjoyable place with amazing golden beaches and deep blue sea. It is a resort town with numerous amazing hotels. The beaches are worth a visit and you can also enjoy many amazing water sports here.


Egypt is a historic country with lots to explore and get amazed. There is a lot of natural beauty as well and it was for sure that you will not get bored throughout your trip and will find some of the best destinations here. The numerous tour attractions will keep you busy at every moment.

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