10 Best Places To Visit in Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde or Cape Verde is an archipelago of 10 islands. It is situated to the Northwest of Africa and was formed because of a volcanic eruption.

The islands are a drift from the African continent but you can still experience African music, tradition and culture over here. However, the islands are very well developed and you can also find a lot of European touch as well because the Portuguese and Italian were the first to come here to settle.

The islands are a mesmerizing beauty with beautiful landscapes and scenic views. The tourists can enjoy a long list of things to do from adventurous to relaxing and leisure activities. The islands are a complete package with regard to different tour attractions. Here are some of the best places to visit n Cabo Verde.

Best Places to Visit in Cabo Verde

São Vicente, Cape Verde

1. Sal

This is the sunniest island among all the islands and is a great tropical beech. The island also has an international airport to make commute easier.

The island is blessed with beautiful golden sand and shimmering warm water that will drain away all your worries and make you feel relaxed.

2. Maio

It is a beautiful and peaceful place to relax. The beautiful flower decorated houses are a great tour attraction.

However, it is a great destination to visit because you can enjoy relaxing sandy beaches as well as enjoy the lush greenery of the largest forest on the islands. Some of the things to do at this island include bird watching, relaxing, sightseeing and beachcombing.

3. Fogo

The main tour attraction on this island is the Pico de Fogo volcano which has an altitude of 2900 meters and takes about 6 hours to climb.

The island has some amazing beaches to visit and admire the beauty if nature. Hiking is also one of the daring things to do here.

4.  Santa Luzia

This is the smallest island among all the islands and is practically unpopulated. But this does not mean it not attract tourists. The rugged and eroded coastline with huge boulders make it the most scenic island.

It is accessible through a two hour boat ride. On the island you can explore the remains of the last humans who stayed here.

5. Palmeira

It is a lively harbor town of Cape Verde. It is a well-developed town with lots of tour attractions for tourists. You can find beautiful architecture with amazing restaurants and bars.

Among the best things to do here is diving and exploring the underwater life along with underwater caves and reef. It is one of a kind of experience and worth every penny. The town also has some great relaxing salt bath to relax your body.

6. Brava

It is the smallest inhabited island and is also the greenest island. It is also known as the floweriest island which makes it a beauty to behold. Sightseeing and relaxing is the best things to do here.

7. Praia

This is the capital of Cape Verde and is situated on Santiago Island. The city itself has lots of option for sightseeing an enjoying urban life. After exploring and touring around the city’s landscape you can relax at the warm, sandy and calm beaches of the island.

8. Sao Nicolau

This is mountainous and colorful island with houses and buildings decorated with colors making it an amazing place to look.

The main tour attractions here are the mountains and the best things to do here are hiking and mountain bike riding. The access to beaches is a bit difficult so it is not a popular option for beach lovers.

9. Sal Rei

It is the most densely populated city and comes with some amazing options to explore. It is one of the best destination for souvenir shopping. The main tour attraction here are the colonial buildings as well as baroque style church and obviously beaches.

10. Santo Antao

It is the second largest island and the main tour attraction here are mountains. The island is a beautiful place with diverse landscapes; subtropical vegetation can also be easily found here. The capital city of the island is also a busy place with all amnesties and amazing food and urban life.


Cabo Verde is one of the bets destination to visit in Africa. It is jam-packed with fun, exciting and daring activities. The sceneries and views at the islands are some of the best you will ever be able to witness. The islands are a must visit place once in a lifetime.

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