Top 10 Best Places To Visit in Serbia

A Beautiful Country in Balkans

Serbia, in the present day and era is a mix of different cultures. Previously, the country have been subject to battles of the Romans, Ottomans, and other individuals in its war filled history. Presently, it’s have developed itself and become a spot for the sake of entertainment having probably the most picturesque spots around.

Best Places To Visit in Serbia

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1# Nis

The vibrant college town of Niš, Serbia’s third biggest city, is a must visit place for all those traveling to Belgrade.

It is one of the most seasoned urban communities in Europe and the Balkans, going way back to the ancient days.

In the downtown area, there are numerous old remains of an old stronghold worked by the Turks. Skull Tower worked from the skulls of Serbians who were beheaded by the Ottomans which is very horrifying but unique at the same time.

2# Devil’s Town

Devil’s Town can be classified as Serbia’s most superb shake developments in the recent times. It got its name from the bizarre rock shapes that are due to the constant erosion throughout the years.

The local people claim that the stones are individuals from a wedding gathering petrified by the fallen angel.

Djavolja voda, or demon’s water, which is very acidic and adds to this geologic wonder is flown through the channels

3# Kopaonik National Park

Kopaonik is the most astounding mountain in Serbia. It converted into a national park in 1981. Rough and beautiful, the recreation center was converted into a national park in the early 1990s.

It has Serbia’s primary ski resort, with 25 lifts that can deal with 32,000 skiers. The snow continues to fall from November all the way up to May.

It’s an amazing spot to climb, with a broad cluster of diverse vegetation for all the nature lovers. The mountain is known for its mineral riches, with gold, silver, and zinc mined here before.

4# Prizren

Prizren might have previously been a capital of the renowned Serbia at one time. However, with the passage of time it has improved and today it is a part of Kosovo with its very own attributes.

However, Serbia thinks of it as an isolated area as Serbians are not there in large quantities. The top place here is the medieval Prizren Fortress that got its present look from the times of Ottoman rule. Prizren is a decent city to roam around, since mostly all places are near one another.

5# Derdap National Park

Derdap National Park has four crevasses that stretch 115 km (72 miles) through the valleys. One of the famous crevasse, Gospodin vit, has the most profound waterways on the planet.

These canyons combine together to make Derdap gorge, otherwise called the Iron Gate since it is the southern access to the Carpathian Mountains.

6# Studenica Monastery

The Studenica Monastery has a lot of amazing things. Situated in the center of Serbia it has rich green grass and two white marble holy places (Church of the King and Church of the Virgin).

This ancient cloister is best known for its remarkable thirteenth century artistic productions and other lavish designs.

7# Zlatibor

Zlatibor is a well-known vacationer destination in the mountains of Serbia. It’s loaded up with various recreational centers to keep you cheerful and solid, from skiing in the winter to climbing in the late spring.

Travelers can also find the ski resorts in Tornik, the most amazing mountain at Zlatibor. The district is extremely beautiful, with enormous glades and notable towns.

8# Novi Sad

Found on the ends of the Danube River Novi Sad is a pretty city. It has one of the waterway’s best shorelines. A youthful city by European norms, it is Serbia’s second biggest city.

It supports a beautiful climate, with individuals comfortably relaxing in numerous parks. It’s most well-known, for its yearly Exit music celebration held at Petrovaradin.

9# Subotica

Subotica is a standout amongst the best places to visit in Serbia for a number of reasons. One of nation’s biggest city, it has the most astounding Catholic populace and the most amazing architectural structures of the nation. The city lobby and the synagogue, both inherent the mid-1900s are the two most amazing places there.

10# Belgrade

Belgrade is Serbia’s capital and biggest city. It wasn’t the pretty city that it was previously. Located at the intersection of the Danube and Sava streams, Belgrade has a very scary history.

Today, the city is increasingly peaceful, having various events extending from book fairs to music and film celebrations.

PS: We’ll keep adding more best places to visit in Serbia. Stay Tuned!

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