Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Netherlands

Top Things To Do & Attractions in Netherlands

The whole world looks for excuses to visit some place that is pleasant, charming, attractive and a perfect holiday destination. Netherlands is one of those places which fulfills all these requirements. Following areas must be visited in Netherlands at least once.

Best Places To Visit in Netherlands

1# Amsterdam

This is the most seductive place in Netherlands that contains a bundle of canals over the Amstel River. The visitors are allured by the fascinating museums and cafes. The night life at this place turns the atmosphere into a romantic one and creates an extremely peaceful environment.

2# Maastricht

This place is a complex of old and new culture. It illustrates the historical details in a very unique manner. It is situated in the South East part of Netherlands.

Tourists can expect to see the beautiful and tiny streets containing restaurants and cafes that offer luscious food. The parks are the most enjoyable and loveliest place to relax and have a peace of mind.

3# Haarlem

This place might interest people who are history lovers. It takes care of any of the landmarks of the city that always interest the visitors. A person may enhance his knowledge of culture to a wide extent if he visits this place for once.

4# The old windmills of Kinderdijk

There is always one specific characteristic of a place that makes it very unique. Similarly, this traditional landscape is represents the Dutch talent which is the main property of the beauty of Netherlands.

They are still preserved in finest ways and also help prevent flooding. The scenery is completely admirable. This pace is always open for public.

5# The Hague

This is one of the largest and attractive cities of Amsterdam. The eye-catching architecture, magnificent museums, quality shopping, down to earth people and relaxing golden beaches are more than enough to flabbergast the visitors.

6# Keukenhof Gardens

Garden is the most loved place for almost every person. The beauty of flowers is always pleasing to the eyes.

The smell of the nature gives a relaxing wave to the body. A nature lover must visit this place. The pictures give a smile on the face. The visit will probably turn out to be something extraordinary.

This place has been claimed to be the second largest flower garden in the world. It holds parades an flower shows every year for the entertainment of people and promotion of the beauty of nature.

7# Rotterdam

This is the largest and busiest port of Netherlands and in animosity with Amsterdam. This is considered to be the most dynamic and liveable city in Europe. The nightlife is enjoyed the most. The architecture and commercial setting makes it more unique. The waterside setting adds to the existing beauty of the place.

8# Delft

This charming place is well known for its blue and white pottery. Churches, museums, bars, cafes, historical buildings attached with canals and park are always a centre of attraction for the tourists. This place is most suitable if a person wants some peace of mind and relaxation.

The place also creates a romantic atmosphere and lets the tourists carry away some unforgettable and cherished memories.

9# The New Dutch Water Line

This place is the ruler of water, a colossal 15 km long fortification of over 45 strongholds surrounding many villages, museums, lakes and castles. This is always a fun and all time favorite place of the tourists.

10# Waddenzee

This place lets the tourists sit at a relaxing corner and encounter the beauty of unity of landscape and sea. This place is a home to many of the birds, fish and seals as well.

The complete beauty of nature resides in this place. A person may also encounter sunrise amidst the beauty of nature at this place.

PS: We’ll keep adding more best places to visit in Netherlands. Stay Tuned.

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