10 Must Visiting Places in Finland

Best Places, Things To do, & Attractions in Finland

Finland is located on the North of Europe, which is the corner and is not a very well known tourist are; however the attraction of the lakes and streets of the country, with beautiful scenic beauty makes it very attractive and a place to have a visit of.

Lakes, rivers, mountains and many more natural stuff is there for one to look at. In winters, the snow makes it even better. The lakes turns out to be the playgrounds and adds to the natural  beauty of the country.

There are certain places that must be visited once you pay a visit to Finland. Some of the top most are mentioned below:

Best Places to Visit in Finland

Image Source: Pexels. Location: Helsinki, Finland

1# The Arctic

It is located on the North of  Finland. It is covered with snow for most of the year. The area is of great attraction and is one of the place that is eye catching for the tourists and gives immense pleasure to one.

Through winters it is a paradise for the skiers and people who love snow. You can roam around with your skates and have fun in the snow. If you are a snow lover, arctic is the place you must visit.

2# Provo

It is one of the oldest building in Finland that is located along the riverside. It has red buildings and old streets that gives the place the ancient look. People interested in history and old culture, Provo is their place to visit.  The fine arts and studios are very famous at Provo.

You can visit there and experience the taste of art and old culture in Finland.

3# Lake Saimaa

If you talk about lakes and seas, Finland has more of seas than land. Several rivers, oceans, and lakes are here. Lake Saimaa is one of the them which is located on the eastern part of Finland and is known as the ‘lake of thousand islands’.

Savonlinna is their city of the lake and a great resort for people to stay and have the best of their time in Finland. You must visit this little aquatic world of Finland.

4# Tampere

Tampere is the third largest city of Finland; however, is not an urban city. Industrial work and development is way less than the other cities. It is located between two of the lakes. The Tampere jazz, the churches and cathedral is very famous and is now known for several different years.

5# Vassa

Vassa was the most important city in the old times when Sweden ruled Finland. The area was then burnt. Bits and glimpses of the ruined city are there . A new area has now been made. The burned place is now a park named, Vanha Vassa.

Due to the reason that the place is old, the museums here at Vassa are very famous, especially the Maritime Museum..

6# Oulu

Oulu is a small little village in Finland. It is a dreamy little place that makes you love in it. You can have a great time in this old little city.

7# Helsinki churches

Helsinki is one of the most famous place of Finland to be visited. It has three most famous churches and cathedrals. It is a great place for people to visit, if interested in the ancient world and old things. Not only this, Helsinki is a great place to have fun and enjoy the best of the moments.

8# Northern lights

People die for the lights in the sky. The sky sparkling with lights that would light up you world. Finland is the topmost country to look for lights. You can look at them at any time of the month or year. What else could be more fascinating than a sky draped with natural lights all over the sky?

You must visit Finland to see the beauty of the sky.

9# Turku

Turku is another old place in Finland, famous for the old world that lies in here. It has identities that connects Sweden and Finland. The famous national parks, museums and cathedrals like most of the cities of Finland.

10# Hämeenlinna

It is a city that starts with a castle and gives a fairy-tale feel.  The area has amazing streets and building with red bricks that makes it different to all the other places in Finland.

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