15 Best Vacation Spots in USA in 2020

Planing to visit USA? Here are are fifteen best vacation spots in the USA you should visit in 2020.

When it comes to best vacation spots in the US, the minds always wander off to places like DisneyWorld, Grand Canyon and all such well-known spots. However, with the overarching beauty and pleasant aura, there are a lot more underrated and unexplored gems, which can serve as some of the most beautiful vacationing spots.

Best Vacations Spots in USA

1. Maui

Ranking as the second largest Hawaiian Island, Maui offers its visitors an escapade at its finest, with its exotic beaches, soaring valleys and idyllic parks.

Apart from that, one can also witness the alluring wildlife, snorkel alongside the turtles, join alongside the hula dancers, witness the spectacular sunset on soft-sand, or enjoy the traditional cuisine.

2. Savannah

With an eccentric streak and a homely vibe, thrown together, Savannah is often ranked as the number one relaxing getaways in the US. Laid across the city are several historic squares, chic cafes and hangout bars, contemporary theaters and restored architecture with a modern feel to it.

3. Yellowstone

Titled as the oldest national park in US, Yellow Stone mesmerizesits visitors with its striking beauty and picturesque views.

Reflecting the change of seasons dramatically in the colors; white sheets of snow in winters, to a fiery red in fall, transitioning into magnificent blues and greens in summers and springs, Yellowstone is a constant reminder of the serene and awe-inspiring beauty the world has to offer.

4. Arizona

Attracting tourists from around the world, for its famous Grand Canyon, Arizona has a lot of other lively cities and vibrant small towns. On digging a little deeper, one will also find that Arizona is home to numerous waterfalls, volcanoes, desert, mountain ranges and several bounties of nature there could perhaps be.

5. Destin

Often known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”, Destin is claimed as one of the most popular vacation goals in Florida. Apart from its stunning pearly white sand and emerald hued beaches, Destin also attracts people for its long fishing coasts, challenging golf and world class resorts, and hence makes it to list of the best vacation spots in the US.

6. Ocean City

Filled with unlimited family friendly outing options, Ocean City appeals to families and kids for its adrenaline pumping water parks, arcade gaming zones, dazzling beaches and spectacular views.

7. Oregon

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Oregon is one of the best vacation spots in USA. It has just the perfectly balanced urban and mystic vibe to it. With a wild and lush green scene on one hand to up-to-date modern restaurants, resorts, parks and beaches, Oregon offers many scenic attractions to its visitors.

8. Denver

Famous for being known as the Mie High City, Denver, serves as an outstandingly alluring metropolis. Whether it’s the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre or the Denver Zoo, or the well-known parks of Denver, it surely is a one-stop destination for families, couples or on-the-go travelers set to explore the world. So, if you are searching for top vacation spots in USA, go for Denver.

9. New Jersey

Even though New Jersey is one of the smallest states in United States, it is still a very popular stop among the tourists. Often serving as the starting point to exploration of NYC, New Jersey is definitely a hidden gem with its classic historical sites, astounding natural beauty and several entertainment options, which demands quite a good amount of time for discovery.

10. Georgia

In the list of top vacation spots in USA, Georgia is ranked at number ten. Georgia, is without a doubt, a land of contrasts and combinations. From attractions ranging from mighty mountain landscapes, astounding architecture, historical sites to romantic and serene resorts and hotel sites, Georgia certainly caters to interests of the whole family.

11. Sanibel Island

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Famous for its infinite collection and variety of seashells, the widely known Bowman’s Beach is the center of attraction for the visitors here. Not only that, wildlife lovers also love this particular place for its rare types of alligator, crocodile and birds spotting at J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

12. Anaheim

One of the best vacation spots in the US, Slightly outside the Los Angeles, Anaheim is primarily famous for its world-famous attractions, The Disney Land with its numerous Disney themed rides. However, Anaheim is an experience in itself, for both the adults and kids, with its renowned Anaheim Brewery, Angel Stadium, The Honda Center and all such sites worth visiting in between.

13. Oahu

Home to the iconic Chinatown, Oahu is one of the most visited Hawaiian Island. Famous for its mystique and iconic Waikiki Beach, Oahu, also captures tourists’ eye for its glamorous nightlife and exquisite dining options.

14. Vermont

Vermont, unlike any other places discussed here, is a scene straight out of a classic story scene. Lush green suburbs, hillside farms, meadows with cows grazing and roaming, and orange-red maple trees, gives one, the most warm and welcoming feel to unwind and relax for a few days.

15. Charleston

Farmer Market

Once described as the wealthiest town in America, Charleston definitely takes you back in time with its contemporary-style architecture and a ride on the carriage through the iconic Historic District. With its charming setting and romantic feel, Charleston is certainly a place worth visiting, especially for the couples.

PS: We will keep adding more best vacation spots in the USA.

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