Why To Choose Mohare Danda Community Trek

Certainly, there are the infinite advantages of Mohare Danda Trek. Why to choose Mohare Danda Community Trek Blog includes all the facilities, and amenities that you can get experience in this adventure.

With these advantages and benefits, you feel easy to choose 5 Days Short Mohare Community Trekking from Pokhara or the best classical 10 Days Mohare Danda Trek.

Mohare Danda Trekking

Mohara Danda Trekking Mountain View

Mohare Danda Trekking is one of the new trekking routes. But it represented as the most popular trekking in Nepal with homestay and community lodge accommodation, even in a short period. The Circuit Community Trekking Trail of Mohare Danda Trek spread over the southwest of the Annapurna Conservation Area. However, you can combine with ABC Trek, Short Poon Hill trek, and Khopra Trekking easily.

As others Trekking Package in Nepal, this Mohare Danda Community Trek offers the spectacular Mountains views of the Himalayas. Similarly, experiencing rural lifestyle, spending moments with local people, participating and helping in their day-to-day jobs, get close to the local products, tasting local food, and tidbits are the other benefits of Mohare Danda Community Trek.

In the same vein, peaceful Virgin Nature, beautiful ridge Trekking Trail, Viewpoint offering magical sunset and sunrise, and complete circuit trekking route are other reasons to choose this trek in Nepal.

These Benefits of Mohare Danda Community Trek makes its own different position among other Short Easy and Best Trekking in Nepal. However, these are not only the reason to select Mohare Danda Community Trek for your next Community trekking in Nepal.

Trekking Trail Nepal is collecting other rewards and reasons that only possible to experience with Mohare Community Trek. Here we have answers to your question WHY TO CHOOSE MOHARE DANDA TREK?

Let’s Discuss Advantage and Benefits Why You Need To Experience Mohare Danda Community Trekking in Nepal.

No Trekking Permits Requires

Every best and popular trek in Nepal, needs Trekking Permits and TIMS from related department. However, all trekkers do not need to buy Permits and TIMS for 10 Days Mohare Danda Trek Itinerary.

Although Mohare Trekking Route is outside of Annapurna Conservation Area, it is not far. Mohare Community Trekking area is next stick to the border with Poon Hill Area. With this benefit, you can save the money to Permits fees in this Mohare Danda Community Trekking in Nepal.

Free Internet Services

The whole area of Mohare Danna Trek comes under Nangi, Ramche, and Histan Valley. Nangi is the first village connected with wireless internet connectivity with tough efforts of Mr. Mahabir Pun

All community lodge of Danda Katari, Nangi, Mohare Danda, Danda Kharka, and Tikot has internet services. Not only this internet is fast but it also comes without any fee because the Mohare area is prominent for rural internet connectivity. However, in the village of Banskharka (Suntala Kharka) as the first day of trekking there are no internet services now. They are working on it.

NOTE: It is normal not to get any internet connection some time due to technical issues. Since all, it works on wireless repeaters which also needs electricity. Natural actions like wind, rain, and out of electricity may affect the free internet services on Mohare Danda Community Trekking.

Free Drinking Water

Mohare Danda is the First Community trekking trail in Nepal to uplift the economic life standard with tourism activities. Above all the whole villages, community lodge, and home stay follow the system to protect the ecological cycle as possible. No doubt Mohare Danda Trek is of one best example of Eco-Friendly Trekking.

To protect nature, Mohare Danda Trails offers free drinking water in each community lodge, which stops you from buying bottled water which ultimately controls the plastic waste. In short, every trekker gets Free Drinking Water in each community lodge as benefits and one answer why to choose Mohare Danda Trek.

NOTE: Home Stay offers boiled drinking water and Community lodge offers micro filter water for drinking. Free Drinking Water facilities is one advantage that helps you to save money for more trekking in Nepal.

Free Electricity Facility

Almost all the best and popular trekking routes in Nepal, charges you for the electricity you use. This means you have to pay when you charge any electronic, or electric gadgets. And the pricing goes high when you reach high altitude while rates base on per hour use of charging point.

But, Mohare Danda Trekking in Nepal, offers free electricity charges for all-electric gadgets for trekkers.  Which directly benefits you to save money and experience Nepal Trekking in standard even in low budget. In conclusion, free electricity charging facility for your gadgets and devices is another reason to Choose Mohare Community Trek Nepal.

Common Reason Why Mohare Danda Community in Nepal Trek

Every Mountain Trekking in Nepal has its unique features which make them The Best in Nepal Trekking. However, Views of Himalayan Mountains, Nature, and its People are common highlights for most of the trekking package, routes, and trails.

In this Blog Why to Choose Mohare Danda Community Trek, we also give you more reasons to prove Why Mohare Community Trek is the Best Trekking in Nepal.

More Reason To Select Mohare Community Trek

Will you dear to Choose Nature, Lead The Trail, Experience Real Nepal, connects with local people to take Nepal Trekking Adventure to Next Level? Here Trekking Trail Nepal just mentioning the Benefits of Mohare Danda Community Trek that you can take advantage of. However, more discussion about Why to Choose Mohare Danda Community Trek is more practical after you experience it.

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