Why Nepal Tour? 10 Best Reasons

Nepal is a country that does not believe in tall buildings but rather dwells in the beauty of nature. Still, we have to answer Why Nepal Tour? A small country lying in the lap of the Himalayas Nepal is rich in cultural diversity and biodiversity.

The home to the highest peak Everest and the other seven mountain peaks of the world higher than 8,000m, Nepal bats an eye on every traveler in the world.

Nepal is a place where Gautam Buddha enlightened himself and brought the message of peace to the World. It is a country where you get to see the unique one-horned rhinoceros, Red Panda, Snow Leopard and Musk Deer. When you visit Nepal, you will experience the Cloud Nine of.

Your traveling experience to date. Also called Heaven on Earth, Nepal is the epitome of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and social values all ensemble into one. If you are someone who likes to experience diversified cultures, wildlife, fascinating mountains Nepal Tour is the perfect choice for you: biggest Answer Why Nepal Tour

Nepal is one of the best if not the best travel destination in the world. A single visit to Nepal is never enough. There is always a next desire to visit this gorgeous country for all the best reasons. You may forget other things, but I can bet you on not forgetting the angelic travel to the land of Buddha, Nepal. Here are the 10 Best Reasons to Choose Nepal Tour as your next holiday Closer plan.

The Best Trekking Of Your Life

Everest Base Camp

Nepal is called “The Castle of The Himalayas”. Numerous trekking routes make Nepal indeed a trekking kingdom. Out of the 10 highest mountains over 8,000 m, eight of them are in Nepal. Everest, the highest peak of the world is here in Nepal. So, if you want to experience how it feels like being at the top, Nepal is the place you need to plan your next trip to.

To explore the foxy sight of the pearly mountains of Nepal, you can always choose your ideal trekking package from a variety of choices. Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna View Trek, Ghorepani PoonHill Trek are some of the most famous treks in Nepal. In short, the trekking route that leads to your destination is an enjoyment phase experiencing alluring vegetation and wildlife.

Deep Comprehension to the Diverse Culture

Nepal is a country of inhabitants of diverse cultures, traditions, and languages. There are over 120 ethnic groups in Nepal. Every group has its own set of cultures and traditions. They celebrate different festivals at different times of the year.

For an instance, the Newar group celebrates Jatras, and the Tharu community celebrates Maghi. You get to experience different sorts of festivals in Nepal. The best one out there is the Holi festival when everyone puts colors on each other.

Most of the tourists enjoy Holi so much. They have tons of fun and make the best memories. Trying to dive deep into a new culture with new people, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make your decision and plan a trip to Nepal.

Best Adventurous Activities

Adventure means a sort of daring and exciting experience to have. Nepal is a place where you get soaked into the best adventure you can have in your life. There is an abundance of choices of adventurous activities.

Peak Climbing, Rock Climbing, Expedition, Jungle Safari, and Rafting are the best adventurous activities to try in Nepal. Meanwhile, Zip Flying,Bungee Jump, and Paragliding are other adventurous activities that allow you to embrace the glory of thrill and dare.

Nepal is indeed a place that serves the best dish of adventure to every traveler in the world. It’s just that the traveler needs to let it in and go all out.

Cheapest Cost in Lodging and Accommodation

Nepal is a country that offers quality lodging, accommodation, and transportation services at a very less cost. Forbes Magazine published an article about the 20 cheapest places in the world to travel in which Pokhara was ranked the first position.

There is a variety of choices for budget trips in Nepal too. Even though the cost is relatively cheaper than other treks, but there is no compromise in the quality of services. If you have $15, then you can make the most out of the $15 in Nepal as a tourist.

Nepal provides a variety of cuisines including Chinese, Continental, Indian, Japanese, and Thai. However, the best of the bunch is Nepali Dal-Bhaat and Momo. It is the true love of every Nepalese. So, when on your next trip to Nepal, Make sure you have Dal-Bhaat and the cute dumplings.

Aesthetic Architectural Heritages and Artwork

Among various reasons for tourists to visit Nepal, checking out the unbelievable architecture of the temples in Nepal is indeed one. Kathmandu is the capital city of Kathmandu, and also an entry point to Nepal.

Considered as the city of temples Kathmandu has a list of amazing temples and monasteries with unique architecture. Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath, and Kathmandu Durbar Square are some of the most famous heritage of Nepal also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Not to mention, Nepal is famous for stone carvings, Thanka paintings, wooden metal handicrafts, and pottery. On your next Nepal travel, Don’t forget to get one Thanka painting which you find the most alluring.

Get Closer To the Life of Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha is The Light Of Asia. Being the messenger of peace, Budda made millions of followers and devotees. They are now called Buddhists. However, no matter which religion you follow, you can’t get yourself out of Buddha’s preachings. They are indeed the lessons of life. Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal.

Mayadevi Temple is the major attraction of Lumbini where Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Buddha. There is also a place where Buddha walked his first seven steps.

You will find the significance of Buddhism once you visit Nepal and be amazed by knowing how Hindus and Buddhists have maintained harmony for years. Via the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal, you get to visit all the culturally important Buddhist heritages.

Why Nepal Tour? To Perceive Wildlife In Nepal

There are ten National Parks, three Wildlife Reserves, and six Conservation Areas in Nepal. They are home to a variety of flora-fauna. You can see one-horned rhinoceros, crocodiles, Asian Elephants, and Musk Deers at your visit to Chitwan National Park. Himalaya Tahr, Ghoral, Musk Deer, Pikka (mouse hare), and jackal can be seen when you are embarking on a journey through Sagarmatha National Park.

Moreover, you get to check out the gorgeous birds, and hearing them chirping surely makes your heart happy, to say the least. Every destination has its own showcasing of flora and fauna. If you are a wildlife lover and plant enthusiast, the trip to Nepal will not only be for fun, it will also give you knowledge.

Why Nepal Tour? To Meet Friendly Nepalese People

Out of many amazing reasons to visit Nepal, the hospitality of Nepalese people also comes to the top. Nepalese people are famous for their sweet smiles, generosity, kindness, respect, and friendliness. As a tourist, you wish to have the best buddies and companions to spend a great time with.

Nepalese people are in for your rescue in this. On your trekking trip, you get to meet several people. You will get awe-struck seeing the incredible companionship and helpfulness among them.

For instance, A trek to the mountains with a Sherpa man is a great experience. Nobody knows mountains better than them. In addition to this, Nepal was also ranked as the second most peaceful nation in South Asia after Bhutan. You get a combo of generosity and safety both on your next trip to Nepal.

The Country of Mount Everest

For every trekker in the world, there is always a never-ending hope to catch a glimpse of the highest mountain in the world at least once in life. The best thing about Nepal is Everest, and why it should not be?

It is the true identity of Nepal. Various trekking packages give you a golden chance to get immersed in the incredible serenity of Everest. You can choose your ideal package and get ready to fall in love with nature all over again.

The scenic trek to the Everest Base Camp is the trek exploring rugged trails, wildlife, vegetation, and tea houses. Everything you experience in the EBC Trek will be engraved in your memories forever and ever.

Trekking, Wildlife, Culture All In One Place Nepal

As already mentioned above, Nepal is home to the eight mountains among the ten mountains over 8,000 m. It gives your insight into how vast the trekking scenario of Nepal is from an easy Poon Hill Trek to a physically demanding Everest Base Camp Trek, there is a range in the adventure and daring level without the compromise in the excitement whatsoever.

A country of more than 120 ethnic groups following different cultures celebrating different festivals is a perfect platform for you to embrace and understand others’ cultures. A perfect place to checking out the incredible wildlife, Nepal is a country rich in biodiversity. Imagine exploring the culture of the capital, then going on a jungle safari the other day, to the trek in the Himalayas. Well, you don’t need to imagine.

That’s what your next trip to Nepal will be. Similarly, you will get the combo of trekking, wildlife watching, and experiencing diverse cultures all in one place in Nepal. This is by far the best reason for travelers to visit Nepal. As they don’t need to travel to three different places for three different things. You come to Nepal you get everything.

Concussion: Why Nepal Tour

All in all, Nepal is one of the most budget-friendly countries to visit. With an abundance of captivating trekking routes and friendly Nepalese people, your trip becomes no less than a memorable journey for a lifetime. The ancient artworks and cultural heritages of Nepal bring

In addition, out the history lover in you back to life. You start treating life as a precious gift from God and need to embrace every bit of it. These are some of the best things about Nepal. Travelers can’t list out the best reasons to choose Nepal Tour but the mentioned ones are the most common.

So, whenever you are planning to enjoy your holiday, you need to know why you should choose Nepal Tour. Life is everything we make out of it. You should make it big and memorable.

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