5 Tips For Planning Corporate Ground Travel

Whether it’s a training session, sales event, or a new prospect, business travel provides exciting opportunities. Before any work out of the office can be done, first comes the planning process. Flight arrangements, hotel accommodations, conference and/or meeting planning, and of course transportation all have to be arranged.

Planning a successful group business trip can be done as long as plenty of attention is given to the process of: setting an itinerary, reserving accommodations, making necessary Covid-19 checks, confirming travel plans, and preparing for departure. Research your destination in advance to be sure to have all the details you need.

Here are the best tips for planning corporate ground travel:

5 Tips For Planning Corporate Ground Travel

1. Set An Itinerary

Once the need to take a business trip has been confirmed, it’s time to set an itinerary. The duration of the trip has to be determined and schedules must be aligned and cleared as may be needed. Appointments and other meetings may need to be rescheduled or postponed. Group input may be necessary in order to ensure that all aspects of the trip are included in the planning process.

Working with the group leader to determine the requirements for the business trip is a smart option to make good plans. Remember the saying, failing to plan is planning to fail.

After the length of time has been determined for the business trip, a simple itinerary can be planned. Mapping out arrivals and departures from home and/or office, airport, hotels, meeting venues, and other places of interest is the first step. Determining how the group will get to each location is an important consideration.

Budgets should be considered in the pre-planning phase in order to make for a smooth trip. Checking travel websites is a great start. Narrowing down which hotels are appropriate for the group may take some time, be sure to consider the group’s needs and budget to determine the right fit.

2. Reserve Accommodations

Now it’s time to make reservations. Flights are booked and hotel stays are booked, and of course, ground transportation must be arranged for the business group. Luxury rental vans are a great option here. With more employees together in groups while between destinations, itineraries are easier to stick to – communication is more streamlined and there’s a better chance of meetings starting on time. And with top-of-the-line vehicles, employees will be more comfortable and confident on the road which can improve moods and increase productivity.

Being sure that the entire group is accommodated can be somewhat difficult, but making early plans is the best way to ensure a smooth trip. Asking for group rates can be a beneficial tip in planning and may require additional time in the planning process. Phone calls may need to be made in order to inquire about how a group can best be accommodated.

3. Make Necessary Covid-19 Checks

Of course, Covid-19 considerations must be consulted in every instance of travel. Airlines, hotels, restaurants, and event spaces all have unique requirements, so it is essential to plan ahead. Travel safety tips are a big part of planning a trip for you and your business.

Covid-19 testing and other safety precautions should be communicated to all travelers in the group well in advance of travel. Covid-19 requirements vary by location and by business-type so be sure to check the full itinerary if possible to make sure any requirements will be met.

Having extra masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes for the group in case there is a need is a great way to plan ahead.

4. Confirm Travel Plans

Once the itinerary is finalized, reservations have been made and travel safety has been addressed, confirming all dates, times, and details is a good idea. Reviewing the accommodation schedule, airport departures/arrivals, and ground transportation arrangements and then communicating final details to the group makes for a successful start to a well-planned trip.

In the digital age, it’s a great idea to save travel plans to a mobile device. Using email to communicate the itinerary is an easy way to ensure that each group member has all of the necessary details that could be useful for the trip. Be sure to send a reminder to download travel plans so that the details can be used offline if needed.

5. Departure Time

In following travel safety tips, a few days prior to departure all members of the travel group should confirm that their Covid-19 tests have been conducted in line with recommendations for the planned airline.

The day prior to travel, all group members should again confirm that they have the proper travel and departure plans and will arrive at the airport prepared for the trip. Ground transportation to the airport can also be arranged if convenient.

Planning a group trip for business takes some time and effort, but once the planning is complete, the results will be worth all of the hard work it took to get there.

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Author: Jordan McDowell

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