10 Best Things to Do in Denver, Colorado

Denver being surrounded by some breath-taking beauty everywhere, the city has become a symbol of a contemporary urban fantasy, so here are things to do in Denver. A city once hidden has now become a premier spot for tourists in the united states.

Best Things to Do in Denver

1. Nature’s Wonder

Settled besides the chessman park, covering 23 acres of land the Denver botanic gardens and have the world’s biggest plantation collection-from the cold and moderate climates around the globe. The park in addition, also features an art school, many theme gardens and a recessed amphitheater for concerts during the summer time. The Japanese garden is also a great place for a wonderful stroll.

2. Cultural site

Fit for a city which rests among the world’s most beautiful sites, the Denver museum of nature and sciences is home to many collections and exhibitions which celebrate Colorado, earth and universe’s natural history.

3. Amazing day trip

One can choose from literally thousands of trips in day near the rocky mountains which will leave you awestruck, yet just a short drive to Idaho springs shall take you to ST. Mary’s glacier. A shimmering lake and glacier can then be encountered after an easy hike.

4. Off Beaten Track

The Elitch Garden happens to be a must visit place in Denver where the theme park and water park is one of the best sites to visit in Denver offering immense fun for families. The Lakeside Amusement Park is a better option for those who like a more laid back trip, the rides might seem a bit unstable however the atmosphere is still enjoyable!

5. Most Iconic Place

In the central downtown Denver, Union Station is renovated spotlessly to update the facilities without forgoing any historic attraction. Boutique shops, bars and supremely rated restaurants are all over this space and the station also serves as a light hub for rail to travel around the city.

6. Late Night

The Colfax Avenue stretch running amidst the City Park neighborhoods and the Capitol Hill contains all flavors of life, from bars and music venues to restaurants, dance clubs and theaters – all is placed within walking distance.

7. Significant Site

One of the best sightseeing spots in Denver lies in the core of Denver downtown where lies the Confluence Park – here the Cherry Cheek meets the South Platte. This site marks the part where a camp for scouring the land to extract gold was set up during the 19th century, a base camp which was to become the city of Denver. Today, one can find the most stunning sights of the city and an attractive escape to kayak or sunbathe.

8. Sightseeing Neighborhood

The city is a home to many vintage stores and antique shops, some bars and restaurants and a few dispensaries of marijuana the neighborhood of Denver’s Southern Broadway has an offering for everyone. Nearby the Washington Park is the area’s crown where the locals and tourists both come to visit the beautiful lawns, historic edifices, scenic lakes and the prime flower garden of Denver.

9. The best Dining Experience

An entertainment variety and a Mexican restaurant combined in a charming and tacky package, the Casa Bonita has become an institution at Denver. Not many culinary surprises will be found here, however one can dine in while looking at the cliff divers dive from a waterfall 30 feet and explore the secret hideout of Black Bart and enjoy with the kids in arcade games and puppet shows.

10. Beyond Simply music

An array of iconic rocks which is also home to some of the most famous venues for concerts around the world, Red Rocks is a lot more than a paradise for a music lover. In addition, it also features some beautiful trails for hiking and sites for archaeology where the remains of some of the best known dinosaurs of the world were found.

We here have provided a whole bunch of things to do in Denver which will definitely make your trip very enjoyable and one which is very memorable!

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