How To Plan Your Perfect Destination Wedding in Dubai?

No doubt, Dubai is considered one of the luxurious and exotic options for a destination wedding. Here we are going to discuss what is needed to know before planning a dream wedding in the Emirates.

Keep in consideration, destination weddings give you as well as your guests a great chance in order to take a holiday as well as experience the culture of other people.

It is fascinating to know that Dubai can also be choosed as a honeymoon destination. The reason is that, it is a considered the best place for the luxurious weddings, beach weddings, as well as Arabian-themed desert weddings. In Dubai, the weather is almost sunny.

Along with this, the city also offers numerous activities to enhance the excitement of the wedding. However, if you have family or close friends and you want your wedding destination across the globe, there is nothing best than Dubai.

Why should you hold your wedding in Dubai?

For the perfect destination, it is fascinating to know that Dubai has almost everything that any couple wants.

Nothing is impossible in terms of hiring a reputable event management company as well as decoration. Along with this, Dubai have one of most accessible airports by making it an ideal location especially for the international guests.

Along with this, Dubai deals with almost all religions. That means, you’ll have the wedding according to your choice. If you are planning your wedding destination, there is nothing better option than wedding in Dubai.

What makes the Dubai wedding so special?

It is fascinating to know that; Dubai retains a special Arabian charm that only adds to its attraction. Along with this, it also has traditional old-world heritage and an exciting modern vibrancy that makes the city a spectacular destination for couples that are seeking an unforgettable wedding experience.

Wedding planner

If you want to plan luxury yacht wedding in Dubai, there is a significant need to hire a reputable wedding planner. The wedding planners will help a lot in coordinating all of the details.

The reason to hire wedding planners is, they have all information regarding the event. They handle the entire event with great care. In order to get more information, let’s read more:

There is a great need to know that Dubai has variety of musicians. As it is multicultural city, that means there is the best chance of picking a DJ or any band that will play music.

Moreover, Dubai has several boutiques as well as stores where decoration items and clothing can be bought. However, if there is need to customize your wedding, several options are available.

While looking the best, it is interesting to know that Dubai has covered you as it is considered home to the famous stylists from all around the world.


Most of the wedding receptions are held in hotels. Keep in consideration, these are considered the only places allowed for serving in the Emirates, yacht might be the best option that a hotel or beach. While you are looking for a venue, keep in consideration, either it’s going to fulfill your all requirements or not.

No doubt, hotels are also the suitable option. Many times, you have to book a ceremony as well as reception at the same venue. The wedding venues such as yacht come with amazing packages that will save you money and precious time.

Save the Date

In terms of hosting events, Dubai has both on and off seasons.  The reason of the off- season is the hot summer. However, it is essential to tell that the best time for hosting a wedding in Dubai is September as well as May.

You have to send out the dates a year before wedding in order to give enough time for booking a vacation. While you are sending out invitations, it is suggested to give complete information about the destination. Such as, if you are planning your wedding on yacht, the guest must be familiar to them as they have to decide their outfits.


If you are selecting Dubai as your wedding destination, there must be enough budget for it. However, there are several cost-effective options there.

If you are planning your wedding on a luxury yacht, it might be the suitable place for you. You can ask for the discount or packages to the company.


There is a great need to know that, all the weddings include paperwork in term of destination weddings. A couple which is going to wed in Dubai also needs to be a resident.

However, if the person is a resident, the overall process of marriage significantly depends on which nationality you belong. Before this process, take permission from your county. This process may take few months.

It’s always nice to be able to say the client can afford everything that they want but in reality, this isn’t always the case. If you select a luxury yacht as your wedding destination, there is a great need to know the priorities, and every answer. Some want incredible food; others want to entertain their guests. Once the yacht rental company understand this, they can help them get the best wedding experience.

Wedding on yacht allows you get the best experience. You will get the perfect decoration according to your needs. Here is the best chance to add some picturesque views in your wedding album.

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Author: Alex Hales

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