11 Best Places To Celebrate Your Birthday in Dubai For Couple

Dubai is not only a haven for those in want of journey or out-of-the world thought of diversion, it encompasses a soft spot for those enamored too! Treat your partner with the astonishing skylines, breath-taking waves, tickle your taste-buds with authentic delicacies, or simply discover the exotic desert exhaustive.

There’s one thing for everybody, whether or not you crave for an extended romantic night-walk, dinner below the celebs, cruising amidst the processing winds or having a fire within the desert!

The city encompasses a kind of cafes and restaurants with romantic atmosphere and beautiful views, ideal for conveyance your date on and having a snug time.

11 Best Places To Celebrate Your Birthday in Dubai For Couple


1# Pierchic, Madinat Jumeirah

Pierchic is doubtless one among the foremost romantic places for a date night. It’s the atmosphere that’ll bring out the moving discussions at the side of the catch-up sessions. Aside from serving a number of the simplest food dishes in city, the read is kind of spectacular.

Pierchic is perked up on its personal pier within the Arabian Sea, thus during a manner, its fantastic location provides gorgeous during a romantic setting.

With happy music taking part in on the deck, sounds of the ocean imbrication up against the shore, and therefore the cosy setting Pierchic provides you a suggestion that cannot be refused.

2# Pai Thai in Madinat Jumeirah

Pai Thai is kind of illustrious for its Thai cooking. Thus, whereas the standard of the food is secured, the atmosphere and placement is nice enough to line the tone right!

The Madinat Jumeirah is in itself one among the highlights of Dubai. Set out streets on a synthetic canal, gorgeous views of The Burj Al Arab, tiny stalls and stores on either facet of those streets, with lots of cafes and restaurants strategically situated everyplace has its own charm.

However, it’s one of the best destinations to celebrate a birthday for couples.

3# Villa Beach

If having a meal together with your lover virtually at the beach sounds romantic to you, then this can be your house. Bury your feet within the cold sand whereas you soak within the sea-front take for you sit opposite Burj al Arab.

The Villa Beach is choked with positive atmosphere and romantic atmosphere. boost that you just have nice food and hospitable service. With spectacular views of each the ocean and therefore the building, your date-night or birthday night simply got better.

4# Book a yacht

Birthday happens just the once a year, and celebrating it ought to take priority, always. So, it’s time to begin designing if you haven’t! On the opposite hand, if you’re still debating on having your party in any of the native spots in your town, then it’s time to require it to the water.

It is fascinating to know that Yacht birthday party not only provide yourself and your guests the expertise of a lifespan, however it’ll additionally open up numerous prospects for your birthday celebration.

So, if you’re considering birthday on yacht for your next birthday, then here some additional compelling reasons why you must book it currently.

5# Variety of choices

There are countless personal yacht rental in Dubai choices which will suit your budget, guest list, and style. Select from the luxurious Victoria or Valencia Yachts and luxuriate in charter a mini party together with your guests onboard. Or if you wish your party to last a touch bit longer on your special occasion, then you’ll grab your shut friends and family and start up on a daily basis charter.

Virgo yacht is ideally good for small medium event of up to 65 people, desert rose yacht can take up to 200 people and lotus yacht can hold a really big event of up to 500.

6# Delicious food

When you book through a full-fledged yacht company in Dubai, they’ll provide you with the choice of business. There is no need to set up any meals beforehand or stress regarding whether or not there’ll be enough food for everybody.

You will have possibility of getting all business done aboard for you and your guests. You’ll even request for your favorite dishes, and the chefs cook your meals.

7# First-class facilities

If you are hiring a luxury yacht, it comes with glorious facilities. This includes lovely, well-furnished rooms, bathrooms, diversion areas and even bars. Although you don’t want the yacht to cruise around, you’ll still get all the advantages from the on-deck facilities whereas the yacht is anchored.

8# A Themed Party

Yes, positive you’ll have themed parties toward land moreover. The distinction is that a lot of luxury personal yacht firms give custom-built experiences. This enables you to settle on everything from the theme to the food, music and even the diversion. In fact, you’re inspired to include a couple of fun activities to stay your guests engaged when you are going to celebrate birthday on yacht.

9# The Eauzone, The Royal Mirage

The specialty of this edifice is that it is a casual area high the beach by the day with heaps of office-goers having their meetings/lunch here. By night, however, it becomes the right setting for romantic ventures. Giving delicious cooking, The Eauzone is slowly changing into a favorite.

10# Water Park

If you wish the thought of paying the day enclosed by water, however you have already gone to beach variety of times and want to alter things a touch, then we have a tendency to extremely advocate reaching to one among the waterparks within the town.

The thought of paying a whole day together with your lover/ husband/ wife is an unbelievably romantic one thus celebrates it with reaching to the waterpark.

11# Overnight Dubai Safari – Luxury Dinner in Desert

Imagine yourself in the starry sky, you and your lover enjoying a meal bushed one setting. Desert Safaris is a well-liked attraction for the tourists and therefore the locals alike. However, a couple of hunting expedition operators even organize for a long hunting expedition for an expertise of the desert life.

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Author: Alex Hales

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