How To Choose The Best Accommodation in Hobart, Tasmania

The most populated city on the Australian island of Tasmania, is Hobart. With its rich history, gorgeous mountain views, access to the ocean, and relaxed atmosphere, the city has become a popular tourist attraction. Many people flock to the island to escape their busy city lives or just to enjoy a nature-rich getaway.

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Whether you want to visit the Botanical Gardens or enjoy a hike on Mount Wellington, it’s important to choose the right kind of accommodation. This is to ensure you have a comfortable stay with access to the best parts of the city. Choosing the wrong accommodation, with the wrong facilities will only turn a dream holiday into a nightmare.

To help you choose the best place to stay in Hobart, Tasmania. Follow our expert tips.

6 Tips To Choose The Best Accommodation in Hobart, Tasmania

1. Type of Accommodation

Before you can start browsing around, you should be clear of what kind of accommodation you are looking for. Are you traveling with a family and children? Will it be solo accommodation or for a couple? The kind of traveling group, will affect the kind of place you should book.

Some hotels and resorts are couple-friendly. Which means, it’s a much more romantic getaway with a strict ‘no children under 12’ rule. This means, that you can enjoy a tranquil stay.

Whereas other accommodation types are best suited for families with children. This means that there might be some added activities and facilities on the property that can keep the entire family entertained while their not roaming the streets.

2. Find Trustworthy and Credible Booking Sites

Nothing is worse than booking a hotel that doesn’t exist. With the number of online scammers lurking behind their screens, you should never rule out the fact that someone might be advertising false properties. Make sure you use a trustworthy and credible booking site to book your accommodation on.

Some sites ask a 50% deposit and have full refund options available. Do some research about the online site you want to use for your booking. Read through reviews to see how previous user experiences were.

Furthermore, if the deal is too good to be true, it usually is. Some sites might offer up to 90% discount on a stay in Hobart, midst you pay the full amount upfront. If this discount doesn’t correlate with any other sites on which this property is listed, then you might be dealing with a fraudster.

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3. Location is Everything

If you decide to live in a remote area, away from the city center, you might end up struggling finding public transport. Or even spending a lot more on transport than anticipated. It’s therefore important to consider the area in which the accommodation is.

Consider whether the place is close to the airport, bus stops, train stations, restaurants, popular tourist attractions, and shops. Also consider whether the property offers a free airport shuttle, or other shuttles into the city every day.

Even though some properties are more secluded, they offer their guests a free ride to and from certain spots in Hobart. Make sure you’ll be able to get around, before booking.

For those who would like to roam around the city at night and any time during the day, it’s recommended to find a hotel or resort close to the city center. There you’ll have quicker access to taxis and other public transport.

4. Star Ratings

One of the best ways hotels and resorts are proving their credibility is by asking past guests to leave star ratings. When booking through a credible site, you’ll most probably have access to the rating of the property. These rating are usually a score out of five and it rates the place’s service, staff, facilities, cleanliness, location, and value for money.

When considering accommodation, you can consider the hotel’s star rating that has been awarded by the country’s tourism association. This star-rating is different to the scores given by previous clients. But rather refer to the country’s standard hotel star system.

Different countries, have different sets of criteria when it comes to rating their hotels. In Australia, the star symbol is determined by looking at over 200 different criteria. This star symbol can only be applied to properties that are licensed by the ATIC (Australian Tourism Industry Council).

Booking a hotel with an ATIC-approved star rating, whether it’s 1-5, is a safe bet against properties who have given themselves a star rating. When a property is a 5-star service, it usually means that it has met all 200 criteria within the assessment. You are most likely to pay a bit more for a 5-star property, than you would for a 1-star.

5. Value for Money

Before booking, make sure that the accommodation has listed everything included in the price. Sometimes, there are a few hidden costs like tax or extra services like towels and toiletries. Consider whether the price you pay is equal to what you will receive. Getting a free breakfast included or access to all hotel amenities and facilities is a bonus on top of the price. This makes the stay a great value for money.

Paying much more for a property that doesn’t have any added extras or services, isn’t worth it. Consider the inclusions within the final cost to calculate the value for money before booking.

6. Extra Services & Facilities

For a more comfortable stay that fits your personal needs, do check the extra services and facilities. Consider whether the property offers free Wi-Fi, access to swimming pools, room cleaning, free breakfast, late check-in times, washing machines, and training facilities. If some of these services are important to you, then you should look for a property that offers it freely within its package.

If you are unsure of any of the above, don’t hesitate to contact the property or booking agent to clarify any questions you might have. As long as you consider all the above factors, you’ll choose the perfect accommodation right for you. Have a wonderful stay in Hobart!

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Author: Shynet Berou

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