Top 15 Coolest Places in the World 2023

If you are a serious traveler, I’m sure that tour list of your keeps getting bigger instead of getting shorter. Of course you would want to go to the place your family or friends were hyped up about! But, unfortunately, due to less time, you cannot visit all the places that you wish to travel to.

So, how do you know which one you should definitely visit? What is the place where you feel you will be finally able to breathe again? Which place is full of wonders and charms? Which place is the coolest ever? Since we cannot decide on just one place, here is a list of 15 coolest places in the world.

15 Top Coolest Places in the World

1# The Yucatan Peninsula

Credit: Lonely Planet

Go towards the interior of Yucatan and from there, you can book a helicopter ride for a whole day to view the Monarch butterfly migration.

Spend some of your time at the Chablé Resort. To cap it all, take a private hot air balloon ride over the Teotihuacan ruins.

2# Cambodia

The largest religious monument, Angkor Wat is located in Cambodia. But there is quite a lot to the country apart from that temple.

You can explore some of the regions that are lesser known. This is made easier by the new luxury hotels that have opened recently. Some of these regions have wonderful beaches as well.

3# Bolivia

This place is known for its beautiful scenery. The Salar de Uyuni salt flats are pretty much another Iceland. Moreover, the cultural capital of Bolivia, La Paz, is known as the foodie capital. Many new restaurants have emerged and some luxury hotels too.

4# Southern Tanzania

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The country has some parts of it that are yet to be explored. The Jabali Ridge in Ruaha National Park, has really brought accommodation to this area.

The park is the biggest in the country, yet still the least visited. Roho ya Selous is another place that adds to the country’s beauty. It is a tented camp, where you can boat safaris or just walk around.

5# Tasmania

Green Beach Tasmania

Tasmania is indeed an exciting destination. Hobart is the perfect example of Tasmania’s rough wilderness. It also has a growing arts scene and food and wines that are flavorful.

There are many galleries present in Tasmania, one of which is Mona that is worth visiting.

6# Asheville, North Carolina

Image Credit: Travel Awaits

Situated in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is a delight to visit. Picturesque scenery, old and historic mansions, and an incredible arts scene; Asheville has almost everything. It is a mixture of both hipster and classic American.

7# Chad

Chad is a country located in north-central Africa. The place has the Zakouma National Park which is home to huge group of rehabilitated elephants and also has one of the world’s most different grassland ecosystems.

8# Northern Brazil

It used to be a difficult-to-reach part of the country but thanks to direct flights available since a few years, traveling could not be easier.

Northern Brazil has Jericoacoara,which is a small fishing village. At the corner of the village is Chili Beach, which is a hotel and a cool place to stay in.

9# Faroe Islands pop

Credit: The Leaders Globe

Despite it being a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, Faroe Islands has its own currency and language. You can find some delightful restaurants here, as well as some gorgeous sceneries of cliffs and mountains.

Moreover, numerous water falls, and houses with roofs that have grass on them are just some of the reasons why this place is considered to be cool.

10# Aysén, Chili

Unexplored and unimaginable is what you can call Aysén. It is a scantily populated land full of glaciers and snow-capped peaks. The place is awesome if you want to get away from the world and live peacefully for a while.

11# Milan

Versace Store in Milan Fashion District. Credit – Luxury Retreats

Milan is now on the world’s stage. With its Prada Foundation and Armani/Silos Museum, and of course, itsannual Salone de Mobile furniture has made Milan a success. Here, you will find some fabulous hotels, great Italian food and some of the most amazing architecture in Europe.

12# Central Tibet

Central Tibet is characterized by rich Tibetan culture, historical significance, and a unique natural landscape. Visit iconic landmarks like the Potala Palace during the Tibet tour, and join in the celebrations of the yearly Buddhist festival. Central Tibet will not disappoint.

13# Malawi

A trip here is a perfect Safari. It is rich in wildlife natural parks, and offers sprawling too. Moreover, Lake Malawi is a great place for you to get away from crowds because of its tranquility. The waters at this beach are clear and the sand is white. It is a good place for snorkeling.

14# Egypt

Sphinx Egypt Hieroglyphs Temple

As this country is getting rid of political unrest, more people are looking forward to visit Egypt. Tourists have meaningful and enjoyable experiences here.

There are many notable and famous sites to visit in Egypt, such as the Great Sphinx of Giza. You can also get a tour around the pyramids with Egyptologists.

15# South Island, New Zealand

Here, you will find incredible and scenic landscapes starting from mountains to glaciers and fjords. You can sample food and wine in Marlborough or just look at the sky full of stars at Mount John Observatory.

PS: We will share more coolest places in the world soon. Stay Tuned!

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