Milan’s Charm – 5 Best Places to Visit in Milan 2020

Want to explore Milan? Here are five best places to visit to Milan.

Milan, known as the financial hub of Italy with the National Stock Exchange is also a place of fashion. With designers reaching the destination from all over the world for huge fashion shows, Milan gets its fair share of attention in our world that is not a global village.

However, not many people realize that Milan is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in the world and therefore a great tourist spot.

Milan – What it is like

The city has the best climate one could ask for in a tourist spot. The temperature does not reach extremes but stays moderate throughout the year.

Moreover, there is very little rain so you can be sure that your plans will not be flooded away by water, and while the city has a modern skyline that is very impressive, it also has a fair amount of historical buildings and art and decoration that surely make up the tourist attractions in Italy.

But, if you intend to go to Milan on a short visit, you should know what places you absolutely must visit when you are there. So, here is a list of 5 Best places to visit in Milan:

Things to Do & Best Places to Visit in Milan

1. The Milan Cathedral

Image Courtesy – The Culture Trip

Also known as the Duomo Di Milano, the Milan Cathedral is a magnificent place to visit. The beautiful architecture on the façade and interior are beyond compare.

The cathedral is the largest one in Italy and the 5th largest in the entire world with the construction period extending over centuries.

The exterior is said to be decorated with over 2000 statues and that is not even the most astounding aspect of this Cathedral’s architecture.

2. Quadrilatero Della Moda

Versace Store in Milan Fashion District. Credit – Luxury Retreats

The Quadrilatero is the place to be if you are into fashion. This is a shopping area in the Central Storico district and you can find the outlets for some of the best brands worldwide here.

The street is beautifully set, especially during Christmas times, to attract you and keep you exploring. Translated in English as the “Golden Quadrilateral”, this place is a great mixture of classic architecture and modern fashion..

3. Palazzo Piti

Credit –

The “Pitti palace”, as it is often called in English, has enjoyed a rich historical background with controversies and myths shrouding it.

Now, it serves as a place of art with its palatine gallery holding numerous works of art from the renaissance period.

4. La Scala


Opera, a huge part of the rich culture of Italy is practiced at several locations in Italy. The La Scala is one of the prime locations for opera with great shows being held every now and then.

The first performance held at the La Scala was in 1778, but its golden structure still stands for Opera.

5. Sforzesco Castle

The Sforzesco Castle once belonged to one of the royal families of Italy and is a great example of the rich architecture of Italy. The palace now houses several museums that hold centuries of Italian history and is definitely one of the 5 best places to visit in Milan.

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