10 Best Places to Visit in Washington 2024

Worth Visiting City in United States

Surrounded by stunning scenery and some of the most popular sites and iconic buildings in the world, here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Washington, to check off on your trip to United States this time around.

Top Things to Do & Best Places to Visit in Washington

1. The White House

One of the most highly popular landmarks of United States, the White House holds great historic importance too. Official residence of the US Presidents, White House is a must visit by tourist, at least from outside and is one of the many, best places to visit in Washington.

2. US Capitol and Capitol Hill

Standing out from all of the buildings in Washington, the Capitol is a sight to appreciate with its arching dome and Roman-style of architecture. History lovers will also appreciate the extensive American history and art that is displayed inside.

3. National World War II Memorial

Located between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, this memorial is known to have inspired quite a lot of people and holds a lot of sentimental value for a lot of them. The memorial offers quite an ethereal sight, especially in the night time.

4. The Lincoln memorial

Lincoln Memorial is the most famous memorials amongst all, in the United States. Known for being a witness to a number of historical events, the memorial still remains a favorite of the majority of the visitors.

5. International Spy Museum

The most interesting place for tech savvies and 007 and Holmes inspired fans, this museum is bound to make you experience plenty of jaw dropping moments.

Divided into several floors, this museum covers vast and intricate details used in espionage, the specific equipment, and even has the top floor dedicated to the real-life spies.

6. Newseum

Newseum as the word suggests, is basically where news comes to life. Also displaying some of the iconic events of history, films and interactive exhibits, this is one place where visitors find themselves spending a lot more time than they had actually planned.

7. Georgetown Historic District

Georgetown Historic District is one of the oldest, yet, quite charming areas of Washington. Widely known, for its cobbled streets and a classic look, it also offers delectable eateries and a lot of shopping avenues.

Standing on the same boulevard are some of the magnificent structures, namely, Tudor Place, Kreeger Museum and Dumbarton House.

8. The Tidal Basin

Attracting hordes of tourists with its picturesque beauty and a photographic scenery, the pond is surrounded by cherry blossoms which bloom and fill the entire scene with pleasant colors.

Found along the shore of the basin are also some of the famous memorials, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial etc.

9. The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

One of the best places to visit in Washington, this Center is famous not only for offering some of the best shows to town, such as the Suzanne Farrell ballet, Washington National Opera and the National Symphony Orchestra, but also it gives visitors a chance to learn about the theatrical history and architecture by taking on a guided tour. Adding to that, is the bonus rooftop, which offers a mesmerizing view of the Potomac River and vicinity.

10. National Zoological Park

Home to more than 1500 animals, belonging to more than 250 species, National Zoological Park classifies as one of the oldest and best zoos in the United States. It is also quite popular, not only for maintaining a quality experience for the visitors, but also keeping up to the mark in standards of animal care and their sustainability.

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