Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Tunisia in 2024

Tunisia is famous for the production and exportation of Olive oil

Best Places To Visit in Tunisia

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Tunisia is a country in North Africa covering an area of 163,610 square kilometers. The country’s weather is mild to warm and therefore, suitable for tourism as there are not many hurdles for the tourists. The country is home to several mountain ranges as well as the northern part of the famous Sahara Desert.

Each year several tourists visit Tunisia to spend some quality time. so, here are some of the best places tourists can visit while in Tunisia:

Best Places To Visit in Tunisia

1# Djerba

Djerba is an island off the coast of Tunisia and is very well known for its beautiful beaches, white desert towns and a mix of African, Jewish and Arab cultures. The island town of Houmt Souk is a place that people visit for sure when they visit Djerba and very rightly so.

Houmt Souk is home to several shopping places where you can by traditional cultural handicrafts that you can take back home as souvenirs.

The beach, with its clear sand and date palm trees, is a relaxation spot and a get away opportunity from your busy city life.

2# Grand Erg Oriental

There is a substantial part of the Sahara Desert in Tunisia but there is a beautiful corner of the desert which has sand dunes and that part is known as the Grand Erg Oriental.

The dunes are breaking and forming new ones with the sand constantly shifting due to wind. Many of you would think how can a desert full of sand be a good place to visit, but simply sitting on top of one of the sand dunes with the wind blowing around and watching the sun set can be therapeutic.

3# Sousse

It is a city located at the coast and is a UNESCO world heritage site. The city displays historical values and religious ones too as it is a town dating back to the early days of Islam.

The city is home to several ramparts, ribat, city’s great mosque and other beautiful architectural pieces.

4# Chott el Djerid

Featured in the Star Wars movies, this salt lake is like a heaven on earth for its exquisite and unmatchable beauty.

The lake changes colors throughout the year and shifts between various shades of purple, pink and red. You can also see a bird’s eye view of the lake through paragliding over it.

5# Cap Bon

This is a peninsula lying at the north-eastern tip of the country and its beauty attracts a lot of visitors to the country every year.

Due to its beautiful landscape and soothing quality, it has been entitled as ‘the garden of Tunisia’. The peninsula is home to beautiful beaches, lush palms and so on.

6# Bizerte

Are you a lover of taking pictures at beautiful sites? Well, this place could be your album cover. It is one of the most picturesque places you will ever see. It is a beach with thatched-roofed shelters and open-air hammocks. You can also enjoy a perfect camping plan at this location.

7# Nabeul

Nabeul is not only a beautiful coastal town but also Tunisia’s first seaside resort. The visitors can enjoy the lovely sight of the Mediterranean Sea at the both sides of the resort. You are sure to enjoy some of the most relaxing time here.

8# Kantaoui Bay

It is one of the most luxurious coastal destinations around the globe. You are sure to enjoy some best treatment at the resorts here and also enjoy the most relaxing time at the beach.

9# Bou-Hedma National Park

The national part is on the UNESCO world heritage sites list and is home to several rare creatures such as Addax Antelope. There is also a museum along with the park that you can enjoy.

10# Hammamet

Hammamet is a luxurious town with several luxurious resorts and hotels. It is a perfect spot for water sports as well due to the fine beaches and warm waters. This town used to be a humble fishing village earlier but was later converted.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your stuff and get ready to a country with some of the most beautiful sites to witness. Tunisia is a perfect destination if you are looking to take some break off your busy schedule and trying to calm your mind.

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