10 Best Places to Visit in Singapore in 2024

Singapore is often seen as one of most expensive countries for tourist attraction. You can enjoy fine dine ins in luxurious hotels and shop through the diverse malls around the country. There are multiple attractions around the city that would catch the attention of tourists. Lets have a look at some of the best places to visit in Singapore.

Best Places to Visit in Singapore

1# The Art Science Museum

One of the popular attractions of Marina Bay, the Art Science Museum is a must visit for everyone. The museum is constantly updated with the advancement in technology and has perfect reflections and exhibitions of the future world.

2# Singapore Botanic Gardens

Going way back to the 1850s, the Botanic garden is one of the ancient parks currently in existence. The park is home to thousands of different species and provides an amazing atmosphere altogether. There are a wide range of harmless animals moving around the park too.

3# Fort Canning

Fort Canning is one of the significant historic building in Singapore. Situated right in the center of the island, the history goes way back to the World War II when the fort was used as headquarters for the British army. You can learn more and more about history by visiting the fort.

4# Pulau Ubin

Although people might not be well aware of it, but there are multiple islands in Singapore too. Pulau Ubin is one the exciting islands in the country where you can reach through via a boat. The island has one of the oldest village of the country with several other activities to excite the tourist.

5# China town

You might have to stroll a long way to reach China Town, but believe me, it is worth the wait. You can shop through the Smith and Pagoda street or simply head towards the food street to taste the delicious traditional food. There are multiple museums and temples there too.

6# Universal Studios Singapore

The Universal Studio is a revamping park situated in the Sentosa Island. The place has about seven different themed zones which can be a treat for nearly anyone visiting the place. The best time to visit the place is in late October where the place darkens to celebrate Halloween.

7# National Gallery Singapore

One of the most renowned galleries of Asia, the National gallery is split into two different buildings. The gallery is home to some of the finest artworks from all the best artists in Asia. There are several new galleries being opened within that region.

8# Haw Par Villa

Although it has been originally built to teach children about Chinese, the place has now grown into a perfect trip place. There are a number of different things that the tourists can enjoy. Just make sure that you don’t go along with small children as the graphics might frighten them.

9# Singapore Zoo

The national zoo of the country, the Singapore Zoo is home to a wide range of animals around the country. The animals are placed in large enclosures to ensure they are easy and safe. There are more than 300 different animals species, out of which less than 20% are classified as threatened.

10# St John’s & Lazarus Island

Although people will have to go through a bit of hassle to reach there, the island is worth the wait. You need to plan ahead and make all the arrangements accordingly to make sure you do not face any problems. Rest around one of the pure beaches and swim through the crystal clear water by the beach.

The right mix of technology, beaches and culture! A must-visit destination for you in 2024!

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