10 Best Places To Visit in Georgia in 2021

Georgia is known as the Peach State, but it's also the country's top producer of pecans, peanuts, and vidalia onions.

Georgia, A Caucasian country and a not so known small country in Eastern Europe can be your dream destination for 2021.

With beautiful landscapes, mountain ranges, rocky beeches, forests, canyons, beautiful green hilly area, caves, historical sites, modern architecture, amazing food and some of the best wines, Georgia is the best place to take a vacation.

Here is a list of the ten best places you would not want to miss while visiting Georgia:

Best Places To Visit in Georgia

1. Tbilisi

This is the capital city of Georgia. This city is a cultural blend and you can witness, Asian, Mediterranean and European culture all across the city.

The city has many remarkable places to visit like Abanotubani’s baths, bakeries that have been built underground full of fresh smelling delicious products, taverns from the Russian times, twisted courtyards, and much more ranging from modern architecture to historical sites.

You can spend several days roaming around and discovering amazing places or you can plan it as a transit city.

2. Batumi

If you want to enjoy rocky and black pebbled beeches, this city is must visit. The city has amazing architecture all across which attracts many tourists.

The city is alive throughout the day and night as well. You can find many nightclubs to enjoy your nights. The city is also famous for its huge and magnificent botanical garden.

3. Kazbegi

This is a beautiful valley with some amazing scenic views. It also houses the famous Gergeti Trinity church and can be accessed by walk.

You can either plan to visit this place as a day trip from Tbilisi or if you want to experience nature and the beautiful sunrise across the mount Kazbegi and the gleaming Trinity Church then you can stay at Stepantsminda town.

4. Vardzia

This is one of the most spectacular place to visit in South of Georgia. It is basically a cave city built centuries ago to protect the people from constant attacks.

It has an underground monastery as well and was self-sufficient for its people. Also, it was completely hidden until an earthquake destroyed much of it and made it exposed.

5. Martvili Canyon

Martvilli canyon is an exquisite place with all shades of green and a beautiful river to roam around on boats. Apart from this it has some beautiful walkways and brides to explore the area. You can witness some of the most beautiful and breathtaking waterfalls and beautifully carved mountains and rocks.

6. Svaneti (Ushguli)

You can definitely say it as the most beautiful place in all of Georgia. It has a unique cultural experience to give to its tourists. The valley is characterized by beautiful views and fortress looking stone tower homes.

The best places to visit in this valley is Ushguli which can be reached by a 4×4 car on a dirt road or after 3 or 4 days of extreme hike but the place is definitely worth the efforts and danger.

7. Kakheti

Georgia is well-known for its amazing wine. Kakheti is the hub of wine production. You can find some century old wine making techniques and tools and enjoy some unique and amazing wines. The area is also famous for the many churches it houses.

8. Ananuri

This is again an amazing place to visit with the magnificent Ananuri castle which was built in the 17th century and has survived all attacks and is still put up till today.

This place also has the beautiful Aragvi River. You can enjoy amazing views of this place by climbing the several watch towers and also visit many churches.

9. Uplistsikhe

This is yet another breathtaking cave city just an hour drive away from Tbilisi. The city name itself means “Lord’s fortress” and you can see some extremely old dating back to 1000 BC caves and fortress. This place is usually visited as a day trip from Tbilisi or as a transit destination while going to Gori.

10. Tusheti (Omalo)

Located in the northeastern region is another mind captivating region. It is an extreme mountain pass off the northern Caucasian mountain range.

The greater the beauty to witness, the treacherous the path you will have to follow. You must have a very brave heart to cross the path but the views you will enjoy are totally worth it.

These are some of the mind bowing places to visit in Georgia. Georgia has many more places that will want you to stop time so that you can enjoy the breath taking views forever.

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