10 Best Places To Visit in Armenia 2024

Armenia is one of the oldest wine producing country in the world

best places to visit in Armenia


The mountainous terrains, the local farmer’s market, and the carpet bazaar sums up most of the main attractions in the country. Armenia also has some interesting food choices for you to try.

Furthermore, the country offers various extreme sports such as sky diving, gliding, and mountain climbing to give you that sense of the adventure you might be looking for.

If you are planning to visit Armenia, here are some of the must-visit places you have to know about:-

Best Places To Visit in Armenia

1# Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan

If you are looking for a fresh start, Lake Sevan might be a good starting point for your journey. Interestingly, Lake Sevan covers about 2-3% of the country’s total area with various rivers flowing in it. Here you can try the famous Sevan trout while enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery.

If you are a fan of history, Lake Sevan will not disappoint. There are various khachkar cemeteries that date back to medieval times.

Additionally, there are a couple of monasteries you should visit as they are known to provide breathtaking views of the lake.

2# The Capital City, Yerevan


The heart of Armenia is its capital, Yerevan. It is rich in important architectural structures that are even older than the city of Rome!

Interestingly, you will also find important government infrastructures such as the History Museum of Armenia and the Government House.

3# Dilijan

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If you want a bit of a spiritual touch in your journey, it is highly recommended that you add Dilijan to your list.

The beautiful city houses some of the best hiking spots you can find and also provides some breathtaking sights that are bound to amaze you.

The most prominent of these spots is the popular Dilijan National Park. Apart from that, Dilijan has some of the best spas in the region that are famous for their natural treatment techniques.

To sum it up, if you are looking for a place that has a special connection to Mother Nature, this is your go-to spot for sure.

4# Tsaghkadzor

As said before, to visit Armenia you must be ready for some of the most thrilling winter sports you can experience.

One of the best places to find the perfect sports spot is the Tsaghkadzor Resort. It can provide you with the best skiing slopes that can also test your snowboarding skills to the limit.

Even if you are a beginner in these activities, there is no need to be disappointed at all. There are beginner tutorials offered to anyone interested at a low cost to not miss out on all the fun you can have.

5# The Shikahogh State Reserve

Another place to fuel your adventure thrill, the Shikahogh Forest is one of the places you must visit. An interesting fact about the forest is that most of it is still unexplored. There is wildlife to see as well if you are a fan of animals.

6# Mount Aragats

This is definitely not the place for the faint-hearted. It consists of a latent volcanic peak that is a challenge for any experienced mountain climber to climb.

The peak is surrounded by a rocky landscape that goes up to 4000 meters and is one of the best exploring sights for any local or tourist.

7# Noravank

Monasteries mostly make up the beautiful architecture of Armenia. These date back up to the time when Christianity was taking a stronghold in the country.

Noravank, being one of these has its historical importance fueled up by the tales of important religious figures of history.

8# Gyumri

Once termed as the most beautiful city of Armenia, Gyumri despite its sadistic view is surely worth a visit.

Despite losing its charm due to the horrible earthquake in 1988, Gyumri still holds some interesting Soviet art sights.

The catastrophic view might disappoint you, but the bazaars, the food and loads of activities will certainly not.

9# The Amberd Fortress

Located just on the Mount Aragats, Amberd Fortress is also one of the places you can visit in the region.

The fortress used to be one of the main defensive points of the territory that certainly adds up to the importance of the area.

10# Etchmiadzin

Also known as the spiritual hub of the country, Etchmiadzin is home to numerous old churches that are old as a minimum of a hundred years.

The city is rich in Christianity related monuments and is a must-visit to brush up your history knowledge of the country.

Apart from having an interesting historical background, Armenia has certainly a lot to offer when it comes to your vacations.

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