10 Best Places to Visit in Mongolia 2023

Things to Do & Attractions in Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the most adventurous places to visit. Being the 18th largest country in world, it is difficult to visit all the wonderful destinations of Mongolia. However, there are few highlights which are mandatory to visit no matter how short your trip is.

Following, we have 10 best places to visit in Mongolia which will definitely heal your spirit with wonderful nature, wild animals and unique nomadic lifestyle there.

Best Places to Visit in Mongolia

1# Legendary Orkhon Valley

It is one important cultural landscape to visit in Mongolia as it was an economic, political, administrative, religious center and greatest forum of civilization, all at once. It gives you opportunity to see history of 13th century of Mongolia. You can explore 8 important sites by horse trekking, driving and trekking.

2# KhungnuTarna National Park

This place gains uniqueness because of the three different natural zones amalgamated in one area. This place includes mineral water sources, mountains, forests, steppes and Gobi-type desert in one location. Further, this place is perfect for climbing, hiking and camel riding.

3# Manzushir Monastry

This spot is not only popular among tourists but also is a weekend spot for locals. This place is surrounded by beautiful forest of Siberian larch with a milieu of natural granite cliffs which are eroded into tors of huge rounded boulders. This place can be visited anytime around the year and is perfect for photography.

4# Mongol Nomadic Show

This show is best to experience unique Mongolian nomadic lifestyle via meeting families and experiencing their life by riding an ox-cart through the steppe. Memories and experiences created here are the surreal.

5# Khustai National Park

It is the biggest and highly protected National Park of Mongolia. It is built on 50,620-hectare area to protect Mongolian wild horse called the takhi and forest-steppe environment and the reserve’s steppe.

Spending a night there is totally worth it because every time of the day gives unique beauty experience. This place comprises of various endangered species of wild animals, flowers and birds around the world.

6# ZorgolKhairkhan Mountain

This is an ideal spot for the hiking lovers or people who love to ride horses through green steppe, wish to camp and picnic while witnessing absolute beauty of nature. You can also visit lake and meet the central Khalkha family.

7# Tolbo Lake

It is located 34 km from Ulgii town. It is one of the biggest freshwater lake in Mongol Altai Mountains. This lake is surrounded by rocky Mountains with backdrop of snow covered mountains. Here you can meet water birds in various spots and visit small islands during the stay there.

8# Terelj National Park

It is a picturesque place with high cliffs of granite, rivers and forests. It is one of the most attractive places for tourists due to it magnificent scenery and its propinquityto Ulaanbaatar.

9# Gun Galuut Nature Reserve

This place allows you to experience adventurous tours and perform special interest activities. This area is for conservation of global threatened species with high mountains, steppes, rivers, lakes and wetlands which are a homeland of unique creatures and a paradise of birds.

10# Magnificent Khuvsgul Lake

Mongolia is land-locked country therefore, this place attracts every local or tourist. As only 11% of the land is covered with forest and Khuvsgul lake is known for itultimate beauty all around the world.

Every season and any time of the day gives soul fulfilling experience. People here camp, fish and perform multiple activities and sports. Therefore, it is a must visit destination.

On your visit to Mongolia heal your spirit and soul with wonderful nature, wild animals and unique nomadic lifestyle there.

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