10 Best Places To Visit in Gabon in 2024

The Last Eden on Earth

Gabon is more popularly referred to as “The Last Eden on Earth”; no doubt the country is true to its name. The capital of Gabon is probably the only proper city in the entire country; rest of it is simply nature’s paradise.

It is the country with the most protected lands and national parks and is also famous for taking great initiatives to protect wildlife and nature. Gabon as compared to other African countries is very stable and an attractive and popular tourist attraction.

Gabon is plethora of landscapes and varying terrains and wildlife. Residing along the west coast of Africa, the country is home to several gorgeous white sandy beaches; moreover, you can find rushing rivers, lush green forests, vast grasslands, and eye-catching landscapes. Here are some of the best places to visit in Gabon:

10 Best Places To Visit in Gabon

Libreville, Gabon

1. Libreville

This is the only proper city in the country and is also the capital of the country. Unlike other African cities, this one is well developed and has a modern touch to it.

Things to do here include visiting the National Museum, St Michael Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, Musee des Arts et Traditions du Gabon, gorgeous beaches, Ekwata Island, amazing restaurants, and casinos. The markets are also an amazing place to visit.

2. Pongara

It is one of the many national parks in the country. This national park is a spellbinding place to visit with a diverse landscape including mangrove flats along with magnificent white sandy beaches, forest and savannah. The main tour attractions here is the diverse landscape and the huge diversity in wildlife. The park is sure to keep you captivated.

3. Lambarene

This is a small fishing town and has a relaxing and laid-back vibe. The hospital here is a great tour attraction. Staying and visiting the local areas gives a unique experience to learn about the life of locals. You can also visit the Central African Rainforest from here.

4. Loango National Park

This park has again a huge diversity in landscape including wetlands, savannahs, forest and lagoons. The Loango is also the only completely wild coastal area with no inhabitants.

The forest and the savannahs provide the best safari experience with beautiful landscapes and amazing and exotic wildlife. It is one of the best destination if you are looking for the best safari experience.

5. Fernan Vaz Lagoon

This is a famous tourist spot in Gabon. The place is devoted to different conservations and you can find a gorilla rehabilitation center here. The main tour attractions here is the church of Mission Saint Anne. Other things to do here include relaxing on the beach, roaming around and exploring the beach and the forest.

6. Makokou and Kongou Falls

The Ogooue-Ivindo region is a very beautiful region to visit. You can stay at Makokou, which is the capital of the region and is a small laid-back town and plan nearby excursions. The Kongou Falls are the African version of Niagara Falls and is a marvelous view to look at.

6. Ivindo National Park

This is one of the most remote national park in the country but definitely worth a visit. It is also one of the best destination in Gabon. The main tour attraction is the Ivindo River which flows across the forest and forms some of the most gorgeous rapids and waterfalls. You can find a huge variety of wildlife and birdwatching is also amongst the main things to do here.

7. Franceville

This is one of the only four cities in the country and has a pleasant and serene environment. The main tour attraction here is the St.Hiaire’s Church, a memorial and the markets are a fun place to go.

8. Port Gentil

It is the second largest city and is also a famous commercial port. The city is a great place to visit and the main things to do here is visiting St. Louis Church and strolling and exploring in the city.

9. Akanda National Park

This is home to the largest mangroves and also houses the largest number of migratory birds. Some of the must things to do here are water sports and spotting whales and dolphins. You can also visit the Mondah forest.

10. Minkebe National Park

It is a park that is difficult to reach but definitely worth going. It is home to a large variety of wildlife and many conservation programs are on-going in the park.


Gabon is without doubt paradise on earth with beautiful landscapes, splendid beaches, dense tropical forests, beautifully flowing rivers, breathtaking views and diverse wildlife.

It is a rich country but still not much developed so it is always feasible to plan a visit to the country through a travel agency. It is one of the best destination you can visit.

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