21 Must Visiting Lakes in Swat Valley Pakistan

Swat is known as Mini Switzerland of Pakistan

Swat is a district centered upon the upper portions of the Swat river. It is present in the Malakand division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. This valley is directly connected to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, through roads.

The people of Swat have faced some of the most traumatizing and depressing days when the whole valley was under the control of the Taliban. But recently an operation took place that resulted in utmost peace in the valley of lakes and beauty. This peace is attracting a steady stream of tourists.

Swat is an extremely beautiful valley with numerous lakes. Queen Elizabeth II mesmerized by the beauty of Swat, called it the Switzerland of the East. It is said that Swat valley holds a total of something around 75 lakes. Here is a brief introduction to the beauty of some of these scenic lakes. Dabble yourself into this article and feel the soothe of this natural miracle.

21 Mesmerizing Lakes in SWAT Valley

1. Pari–Khapiro Lake

Source: Wikipedia

Altitude: 14,442 ft

Pari Khapiro lake is one of the most beautiful and the most fantasized lake in the Swat valley. The name is conferred to the lake because of a very famous myth. The myth says that Pari or the fairies dive into this lake and bathe themselves with its pure and clean water.

Paristan lake is the highest lake not only in the Swat valley but also in Pakistan. This lake was recently discovered by mountaineers in 2018.

This lake is situated in the northeast of Utror Valley. The only way to observe this tremendous beauty is through trekking. You must be a nature lover to endure this trek. You can opt for either the trek from the Izmis or the Kundal lake. Both treks are adorned with the natural beauty of exotic plants and the beautiful view of mountains.

2. Pari I Lake Swat

Altitude: 14,442 ft

The larger Pari-Khapiro Lake is connected to a smaller lake Pari I. This is a smaller triangular lake. It is surrounded by sky-high peaks and jagged rocks. The emerald green water makes it even more beautiful.

It is mainly important due to the fact that it is the main water source for the larger Pari Khapiro lake. Water from the surrounding streams and glaciers falls into the Pari I lake and from there it flows into the larger Pari Khapiro Lake.

Although it is smaller, it is a very beautiful lake. The path towards this lake is the same as for the larger Pari Khapiro Lake.

3. Katora Lake

Altitude: 11,500 ft

This lake is given the name of katora because of its bowl-shaped appearance. Katora is a Pashto word and its English translation is ‘bowl’. This lake gets its water from the surrounding melting glaciers. This lake also has some myths attached to it. One of them includes a man sinking to the bottom of the lake in a sitting position, without any mishap.

From Thal to Jandrai, you can take a 45-minute ride in a vehicle. Onwards from Jandrai, the only mean of transportation is trekking. The trek gets harder as you keep moving on. It can get really on to your nerves if you are not a trekking person.

4. Kajri Lakes

Kajri lakes trek, Shahibagh, Swat valley. Image: Department of Forestry & Wildlife Management: University of Haripur

Altitude: 12700 ft

Kajri lakes consist of two big lakes. These lakes are some of the most beautiful lakes of the Swat Valley. The lower Kajri lake and the upper Kajri lake, both are equally renowned for their majestic beauty. They are situated in the Shahibagh valley, Gabral Swat.

Whenever you visit Swat valley, trek towards these lakes are enjoy this pleasant scene of nature.

5. Bashigram Lake

Credit: Wikipedia

Altitude: 11,499 ft

Bashigram Lake is another representation of the beauty of this miraculous valley. This alpine glacial lake is surrounded by mountain peaks and majestic scenery. This mesmerizing lake is present on the eastern side of Madyan. The valley in which this lake is situated is known as Bashigram Lake.

6. Andrab Lake

Image Credit: Nasir Ali

Altitude: 10,800 ft

It lies in the Anakar Valley of Kalam. This beautiful glacial lake can be reached by a 7-8 hours easy trek from Blue Water Kalam. This lake isn’t explored much for now, but one thing is said by surety that it represents an extremely beautiful natural scene.

7. Mastij Lake

Image Credit: Dawn

Altitude: 13,081 feet

Mastij Lake is situated above the Janshai meadows in the Kalam Valley. This lake is a truly magical lake. When you view the beautiful lake from different angles, you do not only happen to observe its different shapes but at the same time, different colors too.

Most of the angles make its water appears clear blue, but when viewed from the top of the lake, it happens to be a mirror-like reflection. From the front, you will observe a turquoise blue lake.

The path to this lake is quite tiresome. A 10 hours trek may sound tiring to many, but those who love nature, as well as hiking, will enjoy this scenic trek.

8. Mahodand Lake

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Altitude: 9399 ft

This lake lies in the upper Usho Valley. This exquisite valley can be accessed by a 24-hr drive. Besides observing its beautiful scenery, you can also enjoy fishing, boating, and horse rides. Being perched amidst the glacial alpine hills, this beautiful scenario provides an excellent natural view.

Know that you won’t find any hotel here but locals have installed tents for hosting the tourists.

9. Spin Khwar (White Stream) Lake Swat

PC: Wikipedia

Altitude: 1100 ft

This lake in the north of Kundal Lake and east of Utror valley mesmerizes the spectators with its beauty. The water flowing from the surrounding mountain peaks forms a stream, known as the spin khwar stream, which provides water to the lake. You can visit this lake by trekking onwards from the Kundal lake or the Ladu valley. The trek is a very relaxing natural scene that provides exemplary hiking spots.

10. Izmis Lake


Altitude: 11,500 ft

In the south-west of Utror valley, the Izmis lake provides a majestic view for the spectators. The name is derived from the Kohistani language, where it means ‘cave’. The lake is surrounded by several caves that lead to its present name, Izmis, cave.

You will not find any hotel or proper building for your stay but you can stay in the tents installed by the locals to entertain the tourists.

11. Lake Kharkhari

PC: Sherin Zada

Altitude: 16929

It is a relatively smaller lake that lies in the Gabral valley. The name is also sometimes spelled as Karkaray. Swat river forms a branch known as the Ushu river. Ushu river further forms the Utrar river which has a tributary, the Gabral river. This Gabral river transverse the Kharkhari lake.

You can easily access the lake from Kalam.

12. Daral Lake Swat

PC: Wikipedia

Altitude: 11,500 ft

This lake lies in the northeast of Sadgai lake. This alpine scenic lake appears as a large amoeba lying in the valley. As the lake is present on the top hill, the trek ascends up the hill. This ascending trek provides a very rough and tough path.

If you start from Lalkoo, it might take up to 14 hours to reach Daral lake. An alternate trek from the Gabina Jabba. This trek is very beautiful and represents some of the most mesmerizing natural scenes.

13. Godar Lake


Altitude: 12,565 feet

Godar is no doubt an extremely beautiful lake, but the trek to observe this tremendous natural beauty is not a piece of cake. You need to be highly patient and a true nature lover to endure the hardships and the length of this trek.

Before Desan meadows, the path and be traveled by a vehicle, after that you are on your trekking skills.

14. Mahenoor Lake

Altitude: 9,400 ft

Between Saidgai and Daral lies the exquisite lake of Mahenoor. It is situated near the remote lake of Matta. The path to this lake is one of the most tiring and exasperating routes.

It takes a long trek of about 18 hours to reach Mahenoor lake. The poor infrastructure of the roads makes it even more difficult and hard on the nerves to reach your destination.

15. Nasrullah lake

Altitude: 8,379 ft

It is located just above the Mahudand and the Saifullah lake. This lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains that add to the beauty of the lake. The overall surroundings and the lake itself too make a very easy on the eye view for the spectators.

16. Bardand Lake

The Bardand lake represents a scene of true natural beauty. The alpine glacial lake of Barband soothes the eyes of travelers and provides a scenic view.

17. Shetan Goot Lake

Altitude: 13,404 feet

The water of Shetan Goot Lake is a mirror-like reflection. Shetan Goot actually means ‘Devil’s Corner’. There are various stories regarding the lake’s name. It is situated in Kedam, Swat Valley.

You can reach this enormous beauty after a trek of 13-hrs. The trek itself isn’t much of a pleasure. But those who love trekking can find pleasure in the surrounding beauty.

18. Kandol Lake Swat

PC: Wikipedia

Altitude: 9,950 ft

Kandol lake is present in the North of Utror Valley. Kandol Lake is in Ladu valley. To reach this lake, take the route towards the Kalam Valley. After crossing the Kalam valley, move towards the Utror valley. Get on the link road, it will lead you towards the Ladu Valley. The path is relatively safer. You can opt for either trekking or ride on a four-wheel vehicle.

19. Koh Lake

Altitude: 10,800 ft

This lake is situated in Ankar, Kalam Valley.

It takes a trek of about 7-8 hours to reach Koh Lake. The trek is surrounded by beautiful lush green valleys. Also, the trek isn’t much steeper or difficult. You just have to follow a stream that flows from the lake. The lake changes color among blue, green, and crystal clear. The color changes when you change your angle.

20. Saidgai Lake Swat

Altitude: 11,500 ft

To the northwest of Gabin Jabba, Saidgai lake is in the upper reaches of Ushirai Dara of the Upper Dir district. This lake is situated in the well-known Hindu-Kush mountain range.

A stream, the Ushirai Khwar stream falls into Sadgai lake and serves as its main water source. In turn, the Saidgai lake falls into the Panjkora river.

The lake has many treks coming towards it Ushirai Valley, Sulatanr Village, Gabbina Jabba Village. You can go for either one of them. But remember none of these treks is easy to go way. This fact has made it limited in the number of visitors it had observed till now.

21. Saifullah Lake

Altitude: 9,550 ft

Swat valley is full of nature’s melodious scenes. The exquisite lakes increase the beauty of the valley. Saifullah Lake is one of the most visited lakes of Swat. It flows in the North of Kalam and Mahudand Lake. If you are planning to observe this heart-warming natural lake, you should be prepared for the twisted and bumpy road. A road starts from Kalam and ends at Mahudand winding through the prestigious mountains. From Mahudand onwards to the Saifullah Lake, a track is to be followed. This track is for about an hour.

The whole swat is a very large valley. It can easily make you wander and get lost from one lake to another. Hiring a guide is advised for a smooth and relished journey.

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