Why Choose Phuket?

Little Maldives

Why do I suggest you go to Phuket free trip for the first time abroad? Because Phuket is known as the small Maldives, the water is clear to the bottom.

But it is not as cold as the Madai, it is enthusiastic to cover a variety of ways to play with different levels and tourism consumer groups.

The average price of a trip to Phuket is at least three times cheaper than that of the Maldives, and it is a cost-effective leader among similar islands.

Mature Conditions For Free Travel

Secondly, Phuket is the largest and earliest developed island in Thailand, where free travel has been developed very mature, language barriers can also be free travel Oh.

Because of the many natural beautiful beaches, there are many small islands around it like the famous diving mecca of Similan Islands, the popular tourists Emperor Island and Phi Phi Island ah …..

Therefore, Phuket is also known as the “Pearl of the Andaman Islands”. In addition to the characteristics of the island, there are also beautiful sirens and elephant rides with Thai characteristics to enjoy ~!

Direct Domestic Flights

Third: China basically has direct flights from all over the country, so it is very convenient to buy tickets. And visa can choose to sign in advance and visa on arrival, it does not matter if you can not do the visa, then do the visa when you get there, really let you say go we go. The visa pass rate of 99.9%, so if your Thai visa is rejected, the winning rate can really go to buy a lottery ticket!

The last and most important reason: because I have a ready-made take can be used to say go can let you go lazy people essential strategy

Second, You Need To Know These Before You Leave

Phuket is divided into two seasons a year, the dry season (November-April) and the rainy season (May-October), but the rainy season in Phuket is not as long as the domestic, the rain is fast to go faster, Phuket’s living consumption level and the domestic second-tier consumer cities, 6-8 days to play the best!

Travel Visa

Early Travel visa: now the major domestic online travel sites have visa agency business, the cost of about 250 yuan (including visa fees + agency fees), about 7 working days can be out of the visa. Time to save money and hassle by signing well in advance in the country.

Visa on arrival: is in the arrival of the Thai airport for. Landing visa material: passport, two 2-inch white background color photo (actually only one, prepare two insurance), landing visa photo is recommended to bring in advance, the site more expensive (40 yuan / 200 baht), in addition is delayed exit time, this later to talk about the transfer machine this piece will talk about the reasons

PS: This year, Thailand’s visa-free policy is better, from the beginning to the end of 2019.10.31 are free of visa fees, you can choose to apply in advance for their own online visa on arrival, or the airport on the day of arrival for visa on arrival, visa on arrival or to apply, but the cost of visa on arrival 2000 baht do not have to pay. (PS: the end of September and official confirmation of visa-free time extension, this update is relatively fast, the latest notice can pay attention to the official notice)


Phone cards After getting a visa, the second step is to buy a phone card for Thailand! Ma’s Nest Taobao major websites are available for sale. Buy happy or true move card does not matter, which cheap you buy which, because in addition to the card company is not the same, other packages installed card use process are the same.

Domestic advance buy phone card is the operator free real name, but buy locally is to passport real name oh.

Price domestic buy 25 ~ 30 yuan, local purchase 299 baht (60 yuan).

Be sure to confirm the arrival of Thailand and then insert the card, China insert the card may be directly invalid!

The size of the card is three in one specifications, do not have to consider the size does not match the phone, phone card package comes with PHIONE change card paperclip.

Here is a brief mention why I do not recommend that you use wifi it? Carrying inconvenience and power consumption, there is also a phone card to kill the wifi machine is that many local tours, travel agencies will be equipped with local Chinese emergency telephone confirmation list, emergency and customer service can be communicated directly on the phone.

5 Minutes To Get Airline Tickets

6 to 8 days round-trip airfare prices ranging from 2000 to 3000, when you meet the special round-trip 1000 a little more, many direct flights. 80% are red-eye flights, arriving in Phuket is the early morning, booked in advance to pick up the plane on it. The length of play 6 days is most suitable.

The official websites of major airlines and third-party ticketing platforms are available to buy tickets. For people who are afraid of trouble is not recommended official website, direct third-party platform booking is very convenient. The price of each airline ticket is compared vertically and horizontally, so you can easily get the best price!

To buy airline tickets, you should pay attention to two points: 1. consult the baggage allowance 2. choose round-trip, and pay if the price is right.

Choose A Hotel

The most suitable match is 4 days Patong + 2 days Karen / Kata hotel, and Patong must live in front, because you just go must be the most excited and energetic time, this time to live in Patong the most suitable, lively, Patong quick hotel 200 ~ 300 yuan can be done, the location is very convenient, the environment is not good, but it does not matter ah, anyway, you also run out to play stay in the hotel time is very little.

Another is that many spas are located in Patong, so if you live in Patong, the spa will also arrange a car to pick up. Save the trouble of walking or taking a taxi to be ripped off, you know the local Phuket tuk-tuk is very expensive, not moving 500 pigs (100 yuan).

After two nights it is recommended not to stay in Patong, play tired behind want to relax and enjoy the blue sky and sea of Phuket, Karon or Kata can. This area is slightly better hotels have their own pools, some have independent beaches, in the hotel can play half a day. Hotel prices are slightly more expensive than Patong 100 ~ 200 yuan!

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Author: Francis Dimaano

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