Privacy Policy

This privacy policy establishes the norms and culture of this website when it comes to the visitor’s sensitive information. Use of terms such as “us”, “we”, “our” all refers to Tripfore. Tripfore uses sensitive information to make valued judgements and improve our website as well as other platforms to suit the needs of all the customers and stakeholders of the business.

The privacy policy especially focuses on the method of collection of all the sensitive information, the reason for this collection and the use of this sensitive information. Tripfore has always believed in transparency and feels it is their responsibility to keep the providers of this information updated about their information.

This is to help the users of this website aware of how the information is handled and how careful they should be when providing this information. The privacy policy is in line with all the prevalent norms and trends of today and therefore may be updated regularly. Tripfore may not be held responsible for a discrepancy when the audience does not review the policy and acts unaware.

It must also be noted that the information collected by Tripfore also comes from the queries you post or send us. This is obviously meant to help us understand your problems and queries better and effectively get back to you and solve your problems or answer your queries. Moreover, cookies may also be used to collect some information.

TripforeWhat Information is Collected?

It is important to clarify what this collected information really is. The information collected by Tripfore usually includes some of the most basic information such as email address, religion, telephone numbers, name, gender, postal address, medical information and so on.

All this information is what you give us willingly and may even agree to let us use this information in ways deemed fit to help us better our user interface.

In addition to this basic information, we also collect information about services you search for or purchase from out platform. This may also include your delivery address and specifics that you may key in for us to keep in mind. This helps us understand better what sort of services you are interested in from our product and service portfolio.

We also track your movement on our webpage and how you go about searching for your favorite products on our platform.

We also track how you visit our page – through organic search or direct URL. The time you spend on our platform may also be tracked to help us understand our audience better. This helps us understand search trends and improve our website navigation and view.

How we Collect This Information?

Our information collection method also should be mentioned so you understand the important checkpoints for information to help you make better choices and keep track of how the information gets to us.

One of our biggest source of sensitive information is your IP that is tracked when you visit our platform. This information is stored and used to make valid deductions and identify you again if you visit again.

Another major source of our information is cookies. Cookies are small information collectors that are placed on your computer that transmit your internet browsing information to the source of those cookies.

Cookies are always placed on your device after seeking permission from you – the user of the website. These cookies are divided into 2 main types:

  1. Preference Cookies: that track information about your preferences and how you browse the internet.
  2. Session Cookies: these cookies transmit information of how you browse our platform in a particular session.

Another way that we collect information to make our choices is that we make use of market surveys that you and several other people fill. This provides us information that is often kept confidential and is not used or dispensed to third parties.

We may also disperse information across other platforms that we operate or use information from our partners. In addition our email offers and information may also be used as important indicators and count as a very popular mode of information collection.

Where is The Information Used?

After collecting the information, it may be used for a variety of purposes. The most important purpose that the information is used for is simply for the reason that we asked for it.

Other than this, the information that you provide may also be used to send you emails regarding our newest services and offers to keep you up to date about our initiatives and events.

In addition, the provided information is used to keep us constantly innovating and improving about our platforms. This keeps you coming back to us and keeps us improving.

All the sensitive information that you provide is kept secure to prevent any unauthorized third party access. The information is used strictly by Tripfore and partners or other platforms run by us. The information collected through different modes may also be linked together to identify better trends and options.

This information may also be used to find you better insurers which is extremely important when it comes to travel. The information may also be used to identify any errors in the information that you provide and suggest better options for you.

Who is The Information Disclosed to?

In order to make use of the information effectively, the information is exposed t a number of players within the our employees and stakeholders.

The information may also be disclosed to governments when you travel abroad. Oft times this information may also be run through third-parties, especially financial service providers, to assess your financial information to derive feasibility reports and check money trails. This disclosure is required by law and cannot be overseen.

However, this does not mean that you will not get a chance to alter the information that you have once entered. You can edit your information later on our platform which will then be used for further processing and to make further deductions. You should be satisfied that any data you provide stays safe and is not exposed to any threat of being stolen.

If you have any query about privacy policy, don’t hesitate to contact us.