20+ Cheap Places To Travel in 2021

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Travelling can put a lot of pressure on your pocket. If you are looking for a place with higher standards, but one which can save you money, do not worry as there are many!

Once you visit these places, you will find yourself enjoying and going on adventures. The best part? You will be living cheaper than you do at home.

Here are 20 cheap places to travel in order save money and visit more places.

20 Cheap Places To Travel in 2021

1# South Africa

Image: Traveller Made

If you are looking for a full-on safari experience, then South Africa is the place you need to visit. You will not find yourself with an expensive bill here and you can go on adventures to Cape Town and Garden Route.

Not just that, you can explore the magnificent Wild Coast where you can learn about the traditional Xhosa Culture.

2# Thailand


Image Credit: countryandtownhouse.co.uk

You might have heard about people going to Thailand a lot. Well, it is very popular with its rich culture, cuisine and picturesque islands.

All of that at very low prices! Northern Thailand is where you can find yourself in a budget heaven. Even famous places like the Chiang Mai region are quite reasonable and affordable.

3# Uruguay

Just next to Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is a better value destination than the other two. It is safe, stable, and affordable.

There are many wonderful beaches here to choose from and the food here is excellent, especially steak. You will find abundant wildlife at the Cobo Polonio. Also, do not forget to check out the old capital of Montevideo!

4# Vietnam

There has been a lot change in Vietnam ever since the end of the American War. However, Vietnam has not lost its value. It is still a great place to travel to, more importantly for Western tourists.

The country is full of contrasts. It has a beautiful countryside, with limestone karsts of north, to Mekong Delta’s waterways and fields.

5# Greece

You can find things at half prices in Greece as compared to other parts of Europe. Greece has been having a very hard time economically, and so going there will help its financial situation.

Keeping its affordability aside, it is also stunning with its well-defined architecture and wonderful landscapes. Moreover, the food here is delicious!

6# Cuba

If local experience is what you want, then Cuba is the perfect destination for you. It has a whole network of affordable and pleasant Casas Particulars.

The salsa clubs at Havana, the July carnival of Santiago, and the warmth of Varadero Beach will all offer you a unique experience.

7# Guatemala

You will surely fall in love with Guatemala’s mix of colonial legacies, Maya traditions and its natural beauty. The country is full of lush jungles, ruins and volcanoes.

You can find mouth-watering and cheap local food here as well as transportation in the form of ‘chicken buses’ which is a really cheap way to get around.

8# Bulgaria

Here, you can find some of the most deserted beaches of Europe. If you want to plan a budget trip, then Bulgaria can offer you a lot.

Beautiful old towns, including Varna and Plovdiv and some mountain ranges that can be explored on foot or by bike.

9# India

There are only a few places where you can eat well for very less and India is one of them. The street stalls of Mumbai offer you the best puris and kebabs.

Head over to Goa to have fun at the gorgeous beaches. Moreover, you can explore Thar Desert if you visit the city of Jaisalmer.

10# Bolivia

It might be a bit uncomfortable travelling here, but once you are there, it is all worth it. The sights are amazing even though it is one of the cheapest countries of South America.

11# Portugal

Located in Western Europe, it is perfect for you if you want to get away from the other crowded cities and resorts of Spain. You can get cheap, fresh and delicious seafood at the Alentejo Coast.

12# Prague, Czech Republic

Image Credit: Earth Trekkers

All you need are a few Czech Crowns to get a full meal along with some local, decent beer. While it is on the tourist trail these days, it is still one of Europe’s cheapest capital cities.

The city has a rich history and if you explore it by foot, you will see how beautiful the city actually is.

13# Mexico

Great for a bargain holiday, Mexico will leave you coming back for more. At possibly every street corner, you can find a small cart selling something to eat.

The best part is, it is mouth-watering and cheap at the same time! There are Mayan ruins hidden in the jungle here, and there are other attractions like some wonderful beaches and desert canyons.

14# New Orleans, USA

New Orleans is a place where you will find music everywhere. Whether it is a street performer at every corner of the street, or music in every bar and courtyard.

You will not have to spend much more than the price of beer to take a look at the musical heritage of this place.

15# The Gambia

It is Africa’s smallest country. But that does not mean it has no sights to offer. Apart from the gorgeous beaches, The Gambia has the Chimp Rehabilitation Centre where the primates can be seen in their natural environment.  There is also the option of  Baobolong Wetland Reserve for birdlife.

16# Laos

Laos is more accessible now due to improved infrastructure. This place may not have beaches or islands, but it does have an authentic vibe to it which attracts a lot of tourists.

Not to mention, it is cheap too! With very less prices, you can do many outdoor activities.

17# Istanbul, Turkey

This city is split between two continents and is, without any doubt, very fascinating. It is great for you if you have tight budgets. To make the most of the trip, wander through the streets of Grand Bazaar or get on the Bosporus ferry.

18# London, England

Everyone knows London is not cheap. But, there are plenty of free sights here. The Rosetta stone, the Lindow Man, and of course, dinosaur and blue whale skeletons!

19# Shanghai, China

Shanghai has some amazing street food to offer at very reasonable prices. Moreover, you can find accommodation here at a low price too. You can see the mix of cultures here, the western and the oriental as well as the modern and traditional.

20# Kyrgyzstan

If you want to explore Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is the choice for you if you re on a tight budget. It is quite interesting to travel by minibuses in this place and the food is pretty cheap and delicious too.

Soon, we will share more affordable and cheap places to travel. If you are traveler and want to share your experience with our audience, feel free to submit it here.

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