25 Best Travel Blogs To Follow in 2021

Leonardo Da Vinci said, ‘Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.’ Truly, the first experience of flight that takes you to another land, lets you experience the world out of your comfort zone, is intoxicating. The high that you get from meeting new people and integrating with diverse cultures, always leaves you yearning for more.

If the wanderer in you is looking for a new travel destination, mentioned below are 25 best travel blogs that have documented exciting travelling adventures for those bitten by the bug of wanderlust.

Best Travel Blogs To Follow in 2021

1# 2 Goros Travel

Known for sharing amazing travel experiences and stories, this blog will give you tips on how to plan your trip on a tight budget. The couple who run this blog document their wonderful experiences and therefore, allow you learn about numerous beautiful places.

2# Nomadic Matt

This blog offers you a variety of options to choose from. You can browse through solo female travel destinations, couples travel destinations amongst various others.

To add to your insights, they have also interviewed several travel journalists and enlisted family travel experiences.

3# eTramping

Agnes and Cez are passionate travelers who partake in all kinds of outdoor adventures. If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, visit their blog to seek out unique travel destinations.

4# YTravel

YTravel is the best travel blog for you if you and your family are planning to take a vacation. With authentic and engaging content, experience the family friendly destinations that this world has to offer.

5# BoardingArea.com

A travel blog that houses more than 40 other travel blogs, BoardingArea.com is a complete directory of all the best travel bloggers.

For a fresh, rich and diverse experience, delve into a myriad of travel destinations and their particulars on BoardingArea.com.

6# View From The Wing

A professional blog that gives you serious travel information, View From The Wing also gives you the latest news and happenings related to the travel sector.

The blog categorizes trip reports, hotel reviews, Spanish blogs, business travel blogs, French blogs, podcasts, and, lounge reviews for you to browse through.

7# Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten, a travel enthusiast and a talented photographer has been documenting his adventures for the past five years. The many sections of his blog such as adventure travel contain pictures and videos of his many trips. Ready to use your vacation days yet?

8# Pinoy Adventurista

The brainchild of a Pinoy, a Phillipines based blogger, the site has breathtaking images and videos from the long list of destinations that the mountaineer has travelled to internationally.

9# Nomad Revelations

The traveler in you will be in awe of this vibrant and colorful blog. Traveling stories from 126 countries, the blogger captures the breathtaking beauty that all of these have to offer. Explore World Heritage websites and get on a plane for the real experience.

10# Solo Traveller

Do you want to take a break from your fast paced life but, have no idea where to go? Solo Traveller has some amazing travel tips, ideas and, inspiration. Adventure awaits!

11# Out Of Town Blog

This Out Of Town Blog is out of the world. It covers amazing Japanese cuisine to the clear beaches in Phillipines. If you want to know more about travel, leisure and, food, this is the blog to visit.

12# The Savvy Backpacker

If the streets of Spain and Budapest are calling out to you but, you are on a tight budget then you should head over to The Savvy Backpacker’s blog for travel planning, sightseeing tips and, city travel guides.

13# Two Monkeys Travel Group

Jonathan and Kach bring you their whimsy travel stories as they take on the quest to find numerous ways to sustain their exciting life of adventures and travel.

14# Migrationology

Mark Wiens made it to the best travel blogs due to his love for different cuisines. Join him on his website as he takes you through his journey and introduces you to all the delicious food he has encountered as a full-time travel eater.

15# The Adventurous Kate

Not all of us have the courage to quit our jobs and travel the world no matter how much we want to. Kate did just that and is now a full-time blogger who documents her stories and experiences from around the world.

16# The Poor Traveller

Two passionate bloggers Vins and Yokshe bring you their adventures and mesmerize you with beautiful photographs from Maldives, Burma to China and, Australia.

17# Our Awesome Planet

Considered to be the best travel and food blog of the Phillipines, Our Awesome Planet is loaded with awesome restaurant reviews, destinations and travel accommodation so you too, can have your slice of paradise.

18# The Blonde Abroad

An award-winning travel blog is the one to visit for fascinating and insightful tips into destinations across 6 continents covering more than 50 countries.

19# Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet takes you on a trip full of knowledge and makes your travel dreams come to life with its content-heavy documentation. Browse through whimsy pictures for inspiration, tips and, more.

20# Map Happy

This blog certainly has a cheerful ring to it. Map Happy has something for all its viewers looking for the perfect destination. Whether it’s a couple’s getaway or a family vacation, this blog has you covered for the time of your life.

21# Young Adventuress

With 10 years of travel experience, Liz brings you a catalogue of more than 40 countries. She weaves tales of her adventures and experiences that make you yearn to visit all the places that she has.

22# Keep Calm and Travel

How can you keep calm and travel? Cle initially started blogging about her travels across Asia but, it soon evolved into something more. Now, it gives you travel planning tips and ideas to make your travel dreams into reality.

23# Travel Codex

Do you want to keep up with the latest travelling news? Travel Codex is a helpful blog that keeps you up to date and assists you in finding hotels and flights that fit your budget.

24# The Planet D

An adventure couple, Deb and Dave take you to the waterfalls in Iceland, through a Sri Lanka Safari all the way to camping in Canada with their collection of experiences and stories.

25# Go Backpacking

Go Backpacking takes you on a tour of numerous countries across the world. Moreover, it talks about food, leisure and, all kinds of outdoor activities for you to do while vacationing.

Travel not only makes you happier but, makes you grow as a person. Exploring the world takes you on a journey to finding you. Get moving and pack your bags, head out and get on a flight to discovering yourself!

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