5 Best Places To Visit in Pune

Pune is sprawling city situated in the western state of Maharashtra. Previously, the city was famous for the base of Peshwas (prime ministers) of the Maratha Empire. However, now it is famous as the second major IT hub in India.

In this article, we are going to share best places to visit in Pune.

5 Best Places To Visit in Pune

1. Pawna Lake Camping

The gorgeous, unforgettable Pawna Lake campsite is one of the best places for a wonderful weekend break for both local residents of Pune and Mumbai. This destination isn’t so packed with visitors that people who want to spend their time alone. This is a personalized place to enjoy the best of nature. Camping at this lakeside camping is one of the best campsites near Pune, with its own advantages.

Only dipping in or scuba diving in the ocean will help you relax and rejuvenate in no time. Throughout the day, you will swim, rest and enjoy the environment, and throughout the night, you can light up the flame and party hard next to the fire on the ground. These are all made to camp Pawna Lake near Pune, a lifetime experience.

If you don’t like camping, you can try some resorts near Pune that are just going to enjoy the scenery. Pawna Lake is regarded as an artwork by nature. Camping at Pawna Lake is an unbelievable sensation you have never had before.

2. Kaas Plateau Camping

The campsite on the Kaas Plateau provides the optimal spot for tourists to the Kaas plateau, which shows 850 floral variations in a mountain season. Situated close to the Satara district, this spot is sure to appeal to your favorite people for a great weekend.

On hitting the campsite to learn how to pitch your tents and get shocked at the incredible surroundings of this lovely place. Grab the charm of the resort from all corners with luxuriant greenery and dense vibrant gardens.

You should brush up your photography and take the hiking and sightseeing across the plateau with the kaas Plateau Camping experience. Comfortable tents are provided for sharing, with the availability of matrices, pillows and dry toilet camps. In addition, you can prepare tasty vegetable meals during your camping session at breakfast and dinner.

3. Khopoli Camping

Watch this beautiful experience of Camping Khopoli at the calming vibrations and the fantastic environment of Khopoli.. Enjoy the fun, enjoy the ideal mix of adventures and peace and enjoy your trips with your friends and family.

Upon taking advantage of the Khopoli Camping experience, you can dip in the surrounding lake or catch a sight of your love. The place is livestock friendly, so your pet can go to the surrounding thick vegetation and waterfalls for a nature stroll. In the night, relax and retreat to cozy tents that help absolute camp hygiene. The tents are distributed with great convenience on a joint basis.

You will enjoy tasty dinner, breakfast and even have barbeque in the evening with a Khopoli Camping experience. Furthermore, the evening’s fever session will make you feel warm and spellbound with your loved ones.

4. Camping And Rafting At Kolad

If you’re looking for a pure and raw adventure, you have to go for a thrilling white water rafting and remain in Kolad. Besides outdoor sports, a variety of historical sites can also be visited on the web.

The Kundalika River passes through the rocky landscape and farms of the wooded hills and presents a golden chance for newcomers to enjoy a rafting trip. This channel, globally renowned for its category IV rushing river, provides the avid water sports enthusiast with rapids. You will navigate the rafts almost 12km downstream in flowing water currents.

5. Trek and Camping in Torna Fort

Top hill campsites, the sun kissed to enjoy the enchanting nature around you, would be everything for you if you intend to camp at Torna Fort in Pune. The splendid camping fort is on the top of the hill and you can admire the attractive scenic beauty of the site. For those who want to discover something else and still have time in the center of nature, and who want also campsites in the vicinity of Pune, the campsites of Torna Fort are a tailor-made destination.

At this camping destination you can even stroll in the surplus greens. Go through the pressures of the week and relax while camping near Pune and enjoy the warmth and sunshine of your stay here. Wake you to the glorious view of the hilltop sunrise early in the morning to make you believe like you’re part of the clouds.

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