5 Best Places to Visit in Israel

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Living life to the fullest doesn’t come cheap. We have to make decisions that will guide us to whatever our hearts desire and what makes our minds at peace.

And for some reason, travelling has been a widely used practice of achieving this state. It can take you to places that are truly wondrous and memorable, as well as places to where you will appreciate the beauty and excellence of the natural order.

Israel, or the Holy Land, as they call it, is one of the most famous places for tourists to visit if they want to go on a religious pilgrimage.

The 3 largest religions namely Christianity, Islam and Judaism all trace their historical roots in this holy place and have developed a harmonious relationship with one another as well as boost its tourism.

Israel also has places where you can swim, party and just relax the day away with a cold glass of your favorite drink in hand. So if ever you decide to visit this wonderful place, here are some tips on what to put on your itinerary.

Best Places To Visit in Israel

1# Acre

Acre is located in Northern Israel and is famous for its history with crusaders and Ottomans. It is located near the sea and is well-known for its ruins and cultural significant buildings.

And evening walk through its port is one of the best ways to explore the area. Plus, you can also enjoy a wonderful meal and nice shopping time in its marketplace.

2# Nazareth

Nazareth, as told in the Bible, is where Jesus Christ grew up. Because of this, it has religious importance to Christians all over the world and is often visited.

Nazareth will amaze you with architectural wonders like churches and ruins as well as other archaeological wonders that shows an other side of middle eastern touch.

3# Haifa

When you want to go and enjoy some beach activities, then you must go and visit Haifa. This place has an awesome beach that you can compare with other world renowned beaches.

You can bask in the sun while your friends can enjoy surfing, volleyball and swimming in its crystal blue waters and white sand. Plus they also have the Bahai Garden, a perfect place for nature lovers to visit.

4# Jerusalem

Jerusalem is where you go when you want to trace the roots of Christian, Muslim and Jewish religions. It is a place where the 3 largest religions in the world hold different religious ties and perhaps built the most sacred of structures.

You can visit the Dome of the Rock, where Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) was said to have ascended to heaven, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is the holiest place for Christians in Jerusalem because this is where Jesus Christ was crucified and buried, and the Wailing wall, the holiest place for Jews.

Taking pictures of these holy places are allowed but are regulated and have strict rules. This is the place to visit when you are on a pilgrimage.

5# Dead Sea

Lastly, the Dead Sea is famous for being the lowest point on earth as well as the saltiest body of water in the planet.

This sea has no living creatures in it but it is actually a healthy place to take a bath in because of its mineral rich content. Plus, you don’t have to worry about drowning because in the Dead Sea, you’ll be floating all day.

Author: Sarah DelRosario

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