What is the Capital of Peru?

Lima is the Capital of Peru

The capital of Peru is Lima.

The city of Lima was founded by a Spanish conqueror in 1535 which then became the center of Spanish’s political and economic activities.

As of today, Lima still holds the center position for the administrative and financial doings of the country and comprises of around 30% of the total population of Peru.

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Lima is situated on the banks of the Rimac River, approximately 15 km far from the coast of the Pacific Ocean


The city of Lima has the population size of 10,719,188 inhabitants. This city is home to around one-fourth of the total population of Peru.


The population of Lima is very diverse in terms of ethnicity and culture. The most dominant ethnic group is mestizos who are mostly from Italian and Spanish lineage. The second largest group is of Peruvians who belong to various European origins. Besides these, there are also various minorities including Asians and afro-Peruvians.


Most of the population in Lima is Roman Catholic. However, protestant Christians of various denominations have also increased considerably in the past few years. There has also been some increase in the followers of Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam as a result of immigration. 

Tourist attractions

Lima is a great tourist attraction because of cultural activities and entertainment that is a vital part of this city since the 16th century. Apart from the interesting and friendly locals, it also comprises of various museums, art galleries, shopping centers and a lively nightlife.

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