What is the Capital of Panama?

Panama City

The capital of Panama is Panama City.

This city was established by a Spanish conquer in the year 1519 and from then it became the initiation hub for the excursions launched on Peru.

In the beginning of the year 1671, this city was attacked and destructed by Henry Morgan.

Panama City was officially reconstructed after two years in 1673 and has currently become the political and administrative hub of the country.

Panama City


This capital city is situated in the province of panama at the pacific entrance of the Panama Canal.


The size of the urban population of Panama City is 880.691 with about 1.5 million people in its metropolitan area.


The majority of Panama City is comprised of white people that make up 71.6% of the total population. Other noticeable races includes African American, Asian, Hispanics, pacific islanders and a small percentage of Native Americans.


The dominant religion in Panama City is Roman Catholicism as 85% of the residents follow this religion. Around 10% are followers of different sects of Protestantism. A minor percentage of the population follow Judaism and Islam.  There are also some locals who practice their customary religions. 

Tourist Attractions

Panama City is the most attractive capital city of Central America. It displays an amazing combination of old Spain, modern America and the cultural bazaar setting of the east. The most famous tourist attraction is the beautiful Panama Canal and the Central America’s richest rain forests.

General Information For Travelers

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