What is the Capital of Guatemala?

Guatemala City

The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City.

This capital city is the biggest city in Central America and it serves as the governmental, cultural, social and financial hub of the country.

Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala


Guatemala City is situated in the valley of “Valle de la Ermita” enclosed by the mountains on both sides. This valley is located in the south-central region of the country.


The present population size of Guatemala City is estimated to be 2,935,000 which makes it the most populous city of the country as well as the whole of Central American region


Guatemala City, provided its large size, comprises of very diverse population. The majority of the residents of this city belong to the Spanish and Mestizo ancestry.

This city also has a significant number of indigenous population. A very small minority of foreign immigrants are also present in Guatemala City.


The most dominant religion is Roman Catholics forming 50% of the total population. Second comes the protestant Christianity making up 37% of the inhabitants.

Around 11% of the residents are those who have no religious belonging. Lastly, around 2% of the entire population are of other minority religions including Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and traditional Maya religions.

Tourist Attractions

Guatemala City displays a perfect combination of the old and new worlds. If you want to visit a place with diverse history, natural beauty and rich culture, then Guatemala City is the place to be.

General Information For Travelers

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