10 Amazing Places to Visit in Bolivia in 2020

Things To Do & Attractions in Bolivia

places to visit in Bolivia

Finally, you’re planning to explore Bolivia. Right? Here are amazing places to visit in Bolivia.

A country in South America, Bolivia is popular for its desserts, rain forests, mountains, lakes and other natural characteristics. A nature lover can spend some quality time in Bolivia along with his friends and family. The country is not very hard to reach too.

It has a quite lenient visa policy along with on-arrival visa option for residents of several countries. You can find a lot of historical places in Bolivia too. Modern infrastructure is not very common in the country; however, the natural and historical sites fulfill this gap.

Here are some of the places that you must visit while staying in Bolivia:

Best Things to Do & Best Places to Visit in Bolivia

1. Salar de Uyuni

Have you ever seen a salt flat in a movie and you felt like this is pure heaven? Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat.

You will surely feel like experiencing heaven on this pure white flat surface. The place also has a great number of beautiful pink flamingos.

2. Isla del Sol

Are you a person interested in history and ruined cities? If yes, then you must visit Isla del Sol. The ruined palace there is the limelight of the site.

The region also has religious significance because the people following Incas religion believe that the sun God was born here. Adding to this, the region is home to more than 80 ruins dating back to 15th

3. North Yungas Road

Enough with the sightseeing only; let us now discuss some physical activities that will let you enjoy along with keeping you fit. This road is specially built for cyclists and stretches for about 60kms.

The road links La Paz to the Yungas region of Bolivia. If you are an enthusiast about cycling and want to go cycling along one of the most beautiful cycling routes in the world, this is your destination.

4. Madidi National Park

One of the most biodiverse regions in the world, Madidi National Park is home to more than 270 species of mammals, 1200 species of birds, 450 species of fishes, 200 species of reptiles and 120,000 species of insects.

The national park is also credited with discovering a new species of monkey, called titi monkey. The national park’s organization stresses a lot on responsible tourism and ecotourism.

5. The Witches’ Market

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Bolivia, this market is located in La Paz. A lot of superstitions and Bolivian rituals run in this market.

The witch doctors known as yatiri claim to sell medicine than cures fertility, luck and beautifies a person’s facial characteristics. The medicines include plants, herbs, dried frogs, potions, powders and so on.

6. Gate of the Sun

Constructed by the ancient Tiwanaku culture of Bolivia, this is a gate around 10 feet tall. The gate is built using a single stone and is extremely heavy (weights around 10 tons). This depicts the kind of architecture practices by the ancient people of Bolivia.

7. Tunupa

It is a volcano located in southwestern Bolivia. It was an active volcano earlier, but now glaciers have formed on top of the mountain.

Moreover, it is a popular hiking site for people who love doing so. The scenic beauty of the region is also amazing.

8. Cristo de la Concordia

This is a 34 meters tall statue of Jesus Christ located at the top of San Pedro hill. The statue is accessible by using a cable car.

The statue attracts several tourists all round the year who are either interested in sightseeing or come here due to their religious affiliations.

9. Cañapa Lake

The picturesque lake is located in Southwestern Bolivia. It is an endorheic Salt Lake that also has an amazing shore. The lake also has a number of beautiful pink flamingos.

10. Ventura mall

It is one of the most popular and biggest malls of Bolivia and is locate din the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The mall has a great number of shops where you can shop at reasonable prices and can also enjoy a great time in the luxurious building with luxurious facilities.

The list is not ending here. We’ll add more best places to visit in Bolivia soon.

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