10 Best Places to Visit in Honduras in 2020

Things to Do & Attractions in Honduras

Honduras travel guide: Here are best places to visit in Honduras in 2020.

Honduras is a central American country sharing borders with El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala. The country is popular for its natural sightseeing. It has the second largest coral reef in the entire world.

The country is a great mixture of historical importance, natural sites and modern infrastructure. However, its specialty is its nature.

José Antonio Velásquez, one of the most renowned painters of the world, belonged to Honduras. José Antonio Velásquez and several other painters that belonged to Honduras make up the rich artistic background of the country.

If you are panning to visit Honduras in your next vacations, here are some of the places that you must visit to get the most out of your trip:

Top Tourist Attractions & Best Places To Visit in Honduras

1# Copan Ruinas

If you are a history lover, this is the first site that you should visit. Copan Ruinas dates back to the Maya Civilization.

It was the capital city of the classic kingdom between 5th to 9th The site was reconstructed with the help of several archaeologists.

The site is home to several structures, temples and monuments that depict the type of architecture in the era it was built.

2# West Bay Roatan

Located on the biggest bay island of Honduras, west bay Roatan is popular for the snorkeling experience it offers for the tourists.

The beach has white sand and the famous second largest coral reef of the world surrounds it. The beach has made it to several lists of top beaches around the world such as Caribbean travel and life magazine’s “top 5 of the best beaches in the world for snorkeling”.

3# Little French Key

Are you a newly married couple travelling to Honduras for your honeymoon? Then, Little French Key is the place you must go.

It is a private island resort with one of the most beautiful beaches around the world. Snorkeling is also a popular activity there.

The resort has a great number of luxurious rooms. Other services at the resort include spa, gift shops, bars, restaurants and several activities.

The cuisine there is outstanding. The resort has several packages available according to your needs, and you can check them out on the resort’s website.

4# Celaque National Park

The park is located in western Honduras an is a cloud forest. The low level of clouds makes this place a very beautiful one.

You can literally touch and walk on the clouds while roaming in that park. The slopes of the forest are the most prominent and beautiful feature of it; most of the slopes now are planted with coffee beans due to their high demand.

5# Lancetilla

Lancetillais a botanical garden in Honduras. The bent trees make you feel like you are walking under a tunnel made up of trees.

The famous Lancetilla mangoes are grown here as the name suggests. By visiting Lancetilla, you might get a chance to taste fresh mangoes grown in the garden.

6# Infinity Bay Road

Infinity Bay Road is a resort by the beach in west bay. The resort has a number of luxurious rooms, spas, restaurants and so on.

There outstanding swimming pools give you a chance to refresh yourself by diving in and forgetting all your worries.

7# Macaw Mountain

Macaw mountain is a bird park and natural reserve in Honduras. The botanical garden is filled with various species of birds and tall trees that let the visitors witness the real bounties of nature.

The organization rescues birds from different places, rehabilitates them and then release them in this forest based on 10 acres.

8# Museum for National Identity

If you really want to learn about the older generations of Honduran people, you must visit this museum. Artistic pieces, monuments, sculptures, books and so on that depict the history of Honduras are present here.

9# City Mall San Pedro Sula

The mall is located in San Pedro Sula, a city in Honduras. The mall’s architecture is an amazing piece of modern architecture. You can shop branded goods here at very reasonable prices.

10# Fantasy island

It is a seaside resort that also offers a beautiful beach and a rick snorkeling experience to its customers. The resort has some of the most luxurious rooms along with several other services.

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