Top 10 Best Hotels in Islamabad Pakistan

Best Hotels to Stay in Islamabad

Looking for best hotels in Islamabad for stay? Great. Below, we’ve listed top ten best hotels in Islamabad where you can stay and make your vacations memorable.

Staggering pyramidal mosques share the green cityscape, spotted with relaxing and family-accommodating parks, rural vestiges, and busy markets for the energetic citizens.

It’s no big surprise that Pakistan’s pride, Islamabad gets on the platform for being the second most wonderful city on the planet, a regularly ignored esteem that numerous individuals are unaware of.

However, when tourists visit, they are in seek of the ideal place to stay. The best hotels to stay in Islamabad are as follows:

Best Hotels in Islamabad Where You Can Stay

1. Hotel Rakaposhi

Hotel Rakaposhi is one of those hotels which gives the visitors a perfect view of the hills and mountains from their rooms.

The tourists enjoy the breath-taking view enjoying the excellent services offered by them alongside. Its popular facilities include fast wi-fi, free parking, and a restaurant offering a wide variety of foods and beverages.

2. Star House

Star House lives up to its name as it gives a 5-star service to its customers. It offers breakfast which includes continental, vegetarian and Asian food.

Moreover, its staff is highly caring and understanding and makes sure that customers face no problems.

3. Marriott Hotel


Marriott Hotel, Islamabad is a highly demanded hotel due to its amazing service and facilities. With fitness centers and a tea/coffee maker in every room, they make sure that customers are provided all the facilities under one roof. The coffee is also rated as one of the best in town by the visitors.

4. Serena Hotel

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Islamabad Serena Hotel is known for comfortable bedrooms and a friendly staff. The rooms have a balcony which opens up to beautiful mountain and lake views which are very relaxing to tourists. Guests also consistently rate the Wi-fi as excellent. It has an impressive rating of 8.6 overall.

5. Paradise Inn


The Paradise Inn is a very economical and affordable hotel which is located almost at the center of the city.

With a remarkable rating of 8.8, Paradise Inn offers comfortable air-conditioned rooms with free parking facility. Customers also rate it as a good place for families.

6. Serai Boutique Hotel


Serai Boutique Hotel, well-known for its large room sizes is often looked forward to by big families and group of friends.

It is also situated at the center of the city and provides easy access to nearby parks, food centers, hotels, etc.

7. Silver Oaks Apartment

Located at the almost the hub of the city, Silver Oaks Apartment, is often looked upon as a beautiful place with availability of big malls and shopping centers nearby. Room service and free parking are two of its facilities which are highly rated by the tourists.

8. Le Grand Residence


Le Grand Residence is often appreciated by the tourists for giving more value for the money spent. People usually adore those hotels which respect people and make them feel at home.

The hotel has a happy bunch of employees who take full care of the customers to ensure that there is no dissatisfaction in the process.

9. Guest House, Capetown

Capetown is rated as the “Guest’s Favorite” as it includes multiple facilities which other hotels do not offer like barbecue, kitchen, etc.

Customers  do value when hotels go out of way to serve customers in such a manner that it satisfies them. Capetown, having a rating of 9.2, has delicious breakfast, airport shuttle, and excellent room service as its popular facilities.

10. Elite Residence

Elite Residence is highly common amongst friends as it gives the option of accommodating teenagers as well which other hotels often don’t.

In addition to it, they have excellent wi-fi service, are located at the center of the city and provide and excellent view from their room balconies!

We are will add more hotels in this list. If you know other best hotels in Islamabad where travelers and tourists can stay within their budget, feel free to mention it in comment box.

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